'Mass Effect PC Trilogy Half Off Through Origin

Oliver VanDervoort

Mass Effect is being offered for deep discounts through Electronics Arts Origin platform. The PC trilogy is normally $50 but all three games are being bundled for just $25 this week. The sale is being held to celebrate that Mass Effect 3 turned one year old this week.

If you happened to check out the Mass Effect 3 DLC The Citadel you might notice that the game paid homage to the earlier titles with old characters showing up again. Should you have joined the series late, this might be a good time to go out and get the earlier games in the series to see where they came from and how they were involved with Sheppard.

If you already have one or more of the titles from this particular trilogy then you don't need to worry about being left out in the cold. While the entire bundle is half off, so is each individual title.

Mass Effect is now selling through Origin for just $7. The second and third titles in the series are selling for just $10 each. The Mass Effect 3 Digital Deluxe Edition is selling for $15 per unit.

This week has seemingly been one filled with plenty of hot deals. SimCity users are even getting a free copy of a PC thanks to the server issues that has plagued that title's launch. The makers of the Tropico series have also put their titles on big time discounts.

The one bonus of grabbing all the games together is that you will also be able to get the Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station DLCs free of charge. Should this deal seem like something you are interested in you are going to have to act relatively quickly.

The sale for the Mass Effect PC trilogy only lasts until March 12. Are you going to go out and grab it up?