‘Mass Effect 3’ Citadel Trailer Features Old Friends [Video]

Mass Effect 3 has a new trailer for its Citadel DLC add-on. The new Citadel downloadable content features a new pad for Commander Shepppard to hang out and relax in. After Sheppard and his crew handle a new mission they return to the space station for some R & R.

On the Citadel, players will get new living quarters for Sheppard that they can customize to their own personal styles. Digital Spy says this is also where the old “friends” come into play. As you walk around the station, either gambling at the newly unlocked Silver Coast Casino or hanging out in your quarters you will meet up with old love interests from previous versions of the game.

This will be the last DLC issued for Mass Effect 3 and the Citadel seems to do the series up right. While it will most likely feel as though the entire add-on is about hanging out on the station and romancing those lovely ladies all over again, violence does erupt every now and then.

VG247.com points out that this new downloadable content is dropping with the rest of the new releases on Tuesday. It seems like fans of the series won’t be disappointed with the deep immersion and combination of action and story lines that made Mass Effect such a successful series in the first place.

The Citadel is just the latest DLC that is capping off a popular video game title. Just last week, Skyrim got the Dawnguard DLC, which served as the final addition to that game on the PS3.

Releasing trailers for downloadable content is actually a practice that started not all that long ago. A habit that never used to be associated with video games because the graphics weren’t good enough. The higher quality the game the better the trailer for the game and the corresponding DLC.

Check out the trailer for the Mass Effect 3Citadel DLC below.

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