‘General Hospital’ Sneak Peek Reveals That A Woman Fires A Gun, Fans Think It’s Sam Who Shoots Shiloh

Who will be the one who takes aim at Shiloh this week?

General Hospital stars on set.
Michael Yada / ABC Press

Who will be the one who takes aim at Shiloh this week?

Shiloh’s time in Port Charles is seemingly coming to an end this week on General Hospital. The cult leader is on the run and looking for a way to get out of town, but it looks like that won’t happen. A brand-new preview clip was just revealed on Monday for the week of September 23, and it’s going to be one dramatic ending for this villain.

It appears that Shiloh, aka Henry David Archer, is about to be shot. Actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin already confirmed that his time on the ABC soap is ending, and it can’t be too soon for fans who have learned to despise his character over the past year. The sneak peek that was shared by General Hospital on Twitter flashed to plenty of people who want to see Shiloh gone. Dev is even shown, despite him not really being a part of this Shiloh storyline.

At the end of the clip, someone fires a gun, and it’s obvious that Shiloh is the target. But who is the one who does the dirty deed? It’s quite clear that the person holding the gun is a female, even though the face is not shown. The weapon also looks like it’s red, not the usual black that Jason or Chase carries around. Of course, this could all just be a tease and the weapon could just be a flare gun that is fired.

If Shiloh is indeed shot, it could be Kristina, Sam, or Willow that pulls the trigger. However, most fans think that it will be Sam who shoots Shiloh. Social media is full of comments about how they think it’s her. After all, she does carry a gun, and she confronts Shiloh on the Haunted Star. The clip shows him throwing her down on the bed. Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps say that she will be trapped and Jason is frantic trying to reach her, so that could very well leave her out of the suspect list if Shiloh has somehow stuffed her somewhere.

Kristina could somehow get involved in the Haunted Star drama, but she may not have a gun in her possession. It’s highly likely that Willow Tait could be the one holding the gun, despite the fact that most fans are rooting for Sam to be the one who fires it. The sneak peek has Chase telling Willow that Shiloh can’t win and that he won’t let him. He has vowed to protect her, but she may just protect herself instead. It’s also likely that Willow has been carrying a gun around with her to protect herself from Shiloh all this time.


According to a previous report by The Inquisitr, someone will be brought to the hospital on a stretcher. Fans are hoping that it’s Shiloh and not someone else whose life could be in danger. There are no other details given about it.

Don’t miss a single second of this week’s General Hospital to see who will be the one who fires at Shiloh and to find out if he survives this ordeal.