American Horror Story Season 3 Will Have More Frances Conroy In It

American Horror Story season three will have a much larger role for actress Frances Conroy. Conroy has appeared in both season one and two of the FX network series but she saw less screen time in the second season than she did the first.

In the first breakout season of the show, Conroy played the maid who went back and forth between an older woman and a young sexy seductress. Season two saw Conroy playing the Angel of death.

While Conroy played a larger role in the end of the season, she appeared in just six episodes total. Conroy will be joined in the new season with several series regulars including Jessica Lange. Taissa Farmiga will also return after playing a prominent role in season one and sitting out season two.

American Horror Story season three will apparently have almost a full season of Frances Conroy. The actress recently said that she thought she would appearing in at least 10 of the 13 episodes that will be in the season run.

Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe and Evan Peters have all be confirmed as returning to the series as well. The cast will be joined by a new comer who has a little punch that could make her a standout character with the addition of Kathy Bates.

While there have been rumors that season three of the series would center around witchcraft, Conroy wouldn’t spill the beans when she was asked about it. Conroy said that the producers had worked hard to keep that sort of information “hush-hush.”

Conroy also didn’t say what her character would be in the upcoming series but it seems likely that she might actually be playing a witch, should the series honestly go in that direction.

One thing that Conroy did confirm is that shooting begins in New Orleans at the beginning of the summer.

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