WWE News: Triple H Reveals Vince McMahon's Thoughts On First 'NXT' Episode On USA Network

When it was announced that NXT was moving to the USA Network last month, many wrestling fans were worried that Vince McMahon would take control of Triple H's passion project and turn it into just another WWE show. NXT is known for its long-term storylines and hard-hitting wrestling bouts. That makes it a refreshing alternative to other WWE shows, which many fans feel don't deliver quality matches and engaging storylines.

There's no denying that McMahon could become more involved with the brand now that its weekly show is courting a more mainstream audience, but Triple H remains in charge of proceedings for the time being. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, "The Game" promised that the core of the show will remain the same, and any changes to the product will be organic.

The first episode of NXT on the USA Network aired this Wednesday, pulling in over a million viewers and receiving heaps of critical acclaim. The show still felt like the product that fans know and love, and McMahon's fingerprints weren't visible during any of the matches or segments.

In fact, it turns out that McMahon is actually a big fan of Triple H's vision for the show. As documented by Cultaholic, "The Game" recently spoke at a press conference to discuss recent events, and revealed that the WWE chairman praised the show after all was said and done.

"I received a bunch of texts from him throughout the day […] excited and excited to see it, wishing us luck. He sent me a few texts during the show […] he enjoyed it, he loved it, he thought talent did a hell of a job. He sent me a massive congratulations after and said he was thrilled with the product. He embraces the difference."
Keeping NXT the way it is also makes sense from a business perspective, which McMahon will fully understand. The show attracts purist wrestling fans who are more likely to watch independent wrestling as opposed to Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. That's an audience WWE still wants to cater to, and the black-and-gold brand appeals to that niche.

On top of that, with AEW Dynamite set to air on October 2 and go head-to-head with NXT, WWE will likely want to steal their audience. The AEW base seek a mature wrestling product, and by keeping NXT the way it is, the threat of the upstart promotion can be contained as long as the black-and-gold brand continues to prioritize its current sensibilities.