WWE News: Triple H Says Vince McMahon's Involvement 'Won't Change Core Of NXT'

A major shakeup is about to reshape the wrestling industry. With WWE gearing up for big changes in the upcoming weeks, fans have been optimistic about the future of the product, especially after an impressive live premiere for NXT on the USA Network. Long gone are the days of NXT being a farm system for WWE's flagship shows. It's now the third brand that not only develops future stars but also competes against Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live.

Prior to NXT's debut on the USA Network, Triple H had an interview with CBS Sports to discuss the ongoing transitional period for the brand, as well as Vince McMahon's overall involvement with the programming.

"I always want the product to change and get better. So am I hoping it changes? Yes. Will Vince or anybody else's involvement change the core of what it is? No. The intent is for them to not be involved," Triple H said regarding the new direction of NXT.

Now that NXT will compete on a weekly basis against AEW's upcoming show, some wrestling fans have grown worried about McMahon taking over the creative process. Since NXT's foundation, Triple H has been in control of the program, and his comments suggest that matters won't change behind-the-scenes.

"One thing that people don't give Vince credit for is that none of this would happen without him. NXT doesn't exist and the concept of it being this alternative brand without him saying it exists," Triple H added during his appearance on the State of Combat podcast.

A move to the USA Network creates greater expectations when it comes to ratings and product growth, but Triple H's proven track record with NXT, as well as working alongside McMahon, should put fans at ease. Credited for recruiting and grooming many of WWE's current top stars, Triple H took advantage of NXT's platform to offer fans a different experience.

The show is now in great position to reach a new audience through a weekly two-hour live event. It allows current members of the NXT roster to flourish without inevitably switching to Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Triple H is confident that NXT performers will put on the best possible show. It's been a promising start for NXT as it aims to continue delivering high-quality matches and exciting storylines, while also establishing itself as a top brand.