Bombshell Laci Kay Somers Bursts Out Of Skintight Crop Top, Instagram Goes Wild

Laci Kay Somers Instagram

Lavi Kay Somers, a model and singer with over 10 million followers on Instagram, gave her fans a treat on Friday when she uploaded a photo of herself in a skintight lavender crop top that barely seemed to be able to restrain her voluptuous assets. Laci’s lower body was even more exposed than her top half, as she chose to pair the top with white bikini briefs, giving her fanbase a generous view of her trim waist and curvy hips.

Her followers clearly appreciated the photo. Within the first two hours of being posted, the snap received more than 100,000 likes and upwards of 3,000 comments. In the comments sections, fans showered the bombshell with glowing praise.

“You’re So Beautiful!” one fan wrote. Laci actually noticed the comment and replied with two blue heart emoji.

“Wow you are stunning,” wrote another admirer, adding a string of emoji to their comment.

More than one commenter remarked about the consistency of the beauty of Laci’s Instagram posts.

“Damm beautiful and gorgeous as always Laci,” one wrote.

“Look stunning as usual! another fan added, including three fire emoji at the end for emphasis.

Some commenters even expressed their support for Laci’s music career.

“I still want to dance with you,” one fan gushed. “Your beauty and music are incredible.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Somers also got lots of adulation from infatuated fans when she uploaded a photo of herself spilling out of a red bikini top, which was tied in a similar fashion to the aforementioned lavender crop top.

Based on the caption, the post is meant to promote her YouTube channel

In her most recent video, she takes fans into her kitchen to show them how she makes pizza. In the clip, Laci wears a very tight crop top and jeans shorts as she puts the ingredients together. She also admits that she enjoys pineapple on her pizza — a statement that seems to disgusts the cameraman, who can be heard in the background. Laci also confesses to being lactose intolerant, but she still adds a whole lot of cheese to her creation.

“I’m really a good cook, guys!” she exclaims at about the 5-minute point of the 12-minute video. Again, the cameraman appears to disagree and doesn’t seem very impressed. That’s probably because of the copious amount of juicy pineapple she placed on top of the pizza before popping it into the oven.

However, the true test of any dish is in the tasting. When she takes the pizza out, it doesn’t look particularly appetizing. She struggles to slice it, and huge globs of melted cheese can be seen falling off the knife. The pizza also looks somewhat burnt.

“Ugh, it’s ugly,” she says near the end of the video.

She eventually takes a bite of the pizza. Based on her reaction, it tastes better than it looks.

“It’s not bad actually,” Somers says after one bite.