Donald Trump Is The Most Purely Evil Person I’ve Ever Met, Says His Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz

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Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” ghostwriter Tony Schwartz says Trump is “the most purely evil person I’ve ever met,” Esquire reports. He also claims that Trump has the reading level of an “early high school” student.

Schwartz chatted with users of Reddit this week, for what the platform calls an AMA — Ask Me Anything. And of course, Redditors wanted to talk about what Schwartz thought of Trump as a person. The writer held nothing back.

Lacking Conscience

Schwartz noted that most humans rise above their “worst behaviors,” but that this isn’t true of Trump, who he claims completely lacks a conscience. Having no conscience makes one “almost purely evil,” Schwartz said.

“Trump is the most purely evil human being I’ve ever met.”

Schwartz went on to describe Trump as insecure, having a short attention span, and caring about nothing but himself.

Evolving Ideology

The writer also pointed out that Trump’s political ideology, as much as he observed anyway, has evolved over the years. When Schwartz knew him, Trump was something approaching a libertarian, at least in the most basic sense of the ideology.

“As in, you do whatever you want to to do so long as it doesn’t get in the way of my doing whatever the hell I want to do,” Schwartz explained.

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Since then, however, Trump has moved “relentlessly” to the right, having become so “nativist, racist, [and] narrow-minded” that he’s just to the right of Attila the Hun, Schwartz described.

Early High School Reading Level

He also went on to claim that he never saw Trump read a book, except for “The Art of the Deal”, and suggested that Trump’s reading comprehension level is on par with that of an early high school student. He also claimed that Trump’s reading comprehension skills are betrayed by his tweets, which the writer described as “primitive.”

Schwartz is not the first person to make such a claim about Trump. A 2018 report in The Atlantic described the president as being “allergic” to the written word, at least when it comes to reading. A 2018 Newsweek report revealed that an analysis of Trump’s tweets and his off-the-cuff remarks reveal that he speaks at a fourth-grade level.

Schwartz’ History Of Criticizing Trump

As for Schwartz, this was not the first time he publicly criticized Trump. As reported earlier this week by The Inquisitr, as far back as 2016 the writer accused Trump of attempting to present a false narrative of himself. For example, Schwartz claimed that Trump tried to portray himself in high school as “the toughest kid in class” even though he was actually from an affluent area of Queens, New York.