‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Rocks Instagram With Marriage Plans

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Single mom-of-three Kailyn Lowry told her Twitter followers she is “ready to be a wife & be w my best friend forever,” per The Inquisitr on September 17. Then, on September 18, the Teen Mom 2 star turned up on Instagram stating that she is “getting married again” in the caption of a photo in which she sat on the steps of a front porch.

For the snap, Kail wore a worn pair of blue jeans and a green-and-white striped, button-down shirt with short sleeves. Her other sleeves, which go up her arm starting at her wrists and which had been created by many tattoos, were also in evidence.

Kailyn had a pretty smile on her face with her dimples showing as she perched on the brick stoop. Her blond locks were pushed away from her face as she put her hand up to keep them in place. The reality show regular was fully made up, with natural-looking lips, black mascara and eyeliner, and groomed brown brows.

Kail’s expression seemed to indicate she was keeping a secret, which may or may not be true. If anything, she was holding back on naming the person to whom she was set to marry. So was she simply hoping for a suitor or was she teasing her 3.8 million followers by using wording that seemed to serve as clickbait?

Whatever her motivation — as Kailyn was featured in an image meant for social media — the 27-year-old did give credit to her photographer, her makeup artist, and her hairdresser. She also heard from quite a few fans. More than 15,000 followers gave her likes for the upload within one hour of being shared. Meanwhile, many of them commented, too.

“You Deserve It! You Deserve To Be Happy And To Get Married Again After All You Have Been Through! I Wish You Nothing But Happiness,” said one fan, who added a double pink heart emoji and a praying hands emoji.

“Stop the clickbait. Love you anyway though,” commented another admirer who added a red heart emoji for effect.

“I NEED to know where you got your jeans!” stated a third fan who apparently was enamored by Kailyn’s frayed jeans.

“Love the cute and casual outfit. That shirt color looks great on you!” emphasized a fourth follower, who was also keen to compliment what Cailyn was wearing in her Instagram snap that called out her impending marital status.

Meanwhile, before Kailyn Lowry gets to the point in which she is ready to share the name of her new paramour, the Teen Mom 2 star will continue raising her brood while co-hosting her podcast, Coffee Convos, with Lindsie Chrisley and dealing with all her other enterprises.