‘One Piece’ Episode 903 Preview Hints At Epic Fight Between Luffy And Urashima

Ari HelminenFlickr(CC BY 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

The latest episode of One Piece featured Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hat Pirates infiltrating Bakura Town with the goal of saving Otama from her kidnappers. A few minutes after arriving at the entrance, the Straw Hat Pirates encountered a group of enemies, but Luffy managed to knock them all out using the power of Conqueror’s Haki. As they went deeper inside Bakura Town, Luffy and Zoro saw an ongoing sumo wrestling tournament where one of the top participants was Okiku’s suitor, Urashima.

After telling people that Okiku is his wife, Urashima ordered his men to bring the lady samurai to him. Okiku resisted and ended up cutting Urashima’s topknot, which made the yokozuna furious. After what she did, Urashima is no longer interested in making Okiku his wife, and all he wanted is to kill her. However, Luffy won’t let him harm the lady samurai. According to a previous article from The Inquisitr, the final scenes of One Piece Episode 902 featured Urashima showing his incredible power against Luffy.

Based on the preview, One Piece Episode 903, which is titled “A Climatic Sumo Battle! Straw Hat Versus the Strongest Ever Yokozuna!,” is set to show the continuation of the sumo wrestling match between Luffy and Urashima.

“A sumo match between Urashima, the yokozuna from the Land of Wano, and Luffy. The enraged Urashima’s continuous slaps rush at Luffy. But then, Luffy’s killer technique blasts in the heated ring. In the hard bout that draws everyone’s attention, which of them will be declared the winner?”

As a tradition in sumo wrestling, the preview of One Piece Episode 903 showed Luffy throwing salt in the ring before officially starting his match against Urashima. The yokozuna will initiate the fight with a barrage of slaps. However, Luffy is too fast for Urashima to successfully land a critical strike.

Urashima undeniably possessed an incredible amount of strength, but he clearly doesn’t stand a chance against Luffy. Aside from the noticeable difference in their battle power, Urashima’s physical attacks don’t have any effect on a rubberman like Luffy. Also, based on the expression of his face, it is obvious that Luffy is yet to take the fight seriously.

However, in order to claim victory in a wrestling match, Urashima only needs to send Luffy out of the ring. The One Piece Episode 903 preview featured Luffy and Urashima both on the verge of falling out of the ring. It also hinted at Luffy using one of his special techniques against Urashima.