Kelly Clarkson Tells Hilarious Parenting Joke While Talking Kids With Christina Aguilera

David BeckerGetty Images

Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera recently talked about parenting strategies, and they discovered that their daughters have a similar reaction to their singing.

Kelly and Christina have a lot in common. They’ve both earned fiercely loyal fanbases with multiple songs that empower women, they’re both Grammy Award winners, they’ve both been coaches on The Voice, and they both have two biological children. However, it was their roles as busy working mothers that they seemed to bond over most during Christina’s appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

As reported by Popsugar, Kelly commiserated with Christina when the “Not Myself Tonight” singer talked about the challenges of touring with kids. Both women admitted that they experienced the emotion of fear when they became mothers. Kelly said that she “cried almost every night” because she was so afraid of being “an absentee mom,” while Christina revealed that she avoided touring for over a decade because she was afraid that she couldn’t properly take care of her children if she was performing almost every night.

“I got really scared,” Christina said. “I’m like, ‘How do people do this?'”

The “Fighter” singer shared her struggle to provide her kids with “routine and structure with bedtime,” noting that this is a real challenge when you’re on tour and constantly changing time zones. Luckily, she and Kelly have both devised ways to get their kids to go to sleep.

According to Christina, she reads her children — 5-year-old daughter Summer Rain and 11-year-old son Max Liron — bedtime stories. Kelly revealed that her daughter, 5-year-old River Rose Blackstock, prefers for her mother to sing to her, but Christina has the opposite problem. Instead of begging her mom to belt out a song, her daughter begs her to stop singing.

“My daughter will be like, ‘Shhh! I’m trying to sleep,'” Christina said.

Even though Kelly Clarkson’s daughter does enjoy her singing, the American Idol winner says that she occasionally gets shushed too. However, Kelly has the perfect comeback when her little girl tells her to be quiet.

“I’m like, ‘People pay for this!'” she quipped.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kelly Clarkson is currently busy watching Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani get flirty with each other on The Voice, while Christina Aguilera is balancing motherhood with her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. Speaking of which, the “What a Girl Wants” singer revealed that what she wants now is for Kelly to join her in Sin City for an epic duet.

“You have to come,” Aguilera told Clarkson, as reported by ETCanada. “Bring a fun group of people, because I love feeding off the energy.”

Kelly was on board with the idea, even though she said that it made her “nervous.”

The women had a lot of nice things to say about one another, with Christina telling Kelly that she’s always loved her voice and Kelly praising Christina for her incredible “empowerment level.” She also told her guest that her voice gives her “chills.”

You can check out part of the diva lovefest in the video above.