Beauty Blogger Sonia Ali Is A Dead Ringer For Kim Kardashian In Instagram Snap

Sonia AliInstagram

Sonia Ali is a dead ringer for Kim Kardasian in the Dubai-based beauty blogger’s latest Instagram snap.

Sonia took to the social media site this weekend to share a snap of her latest beauty look — which just so happened to have her looking almost exactly like the American reality television star. The Instagram snap was a huge hit, garnering thousands of likes and all kinds of comments about her striking similarities to Kim Kardashian. Some commented that she looks like a combination of Kim and younger sister Kylie Jenner, while others had some compliments for the beauty regimen she tagged in the photo.

While Sonia Ali has gotten a major audience for her beauty blogging and Instagram presence — with more than 1 million followers on Instagram alone — her most attention has come from her striking similarities to Kim Kardashian. Vogue featured Ali in a report on the six social media stars who are doppelgängers for Kim. As the report noted, Sonia is the one who looks the most like Kim, almost identical.

“The most notorious—or, double-take inducing—of all Kardashian West’s doppelgängers is Sonia Ali, who regularly appears alongside her sister Fyza, another dead ringer for KKW (although it’s worth pointing out here that technically, the Internet considers Fyza the Kylie Jenner to Sonia’s Kim),” the report noted. “Based in Dubai, the beauty blogging duo has amassed 700,000 Instagram followers on their joint account due in no small part to their Kardashian-esque features: Immaculate brows, full lips, hallowed cheekbones, and supernatural complexions.”

Those features were on display in her latest snap, with Sonia accentuating the look with Kim’s signature parted hairstyle and full lips. The beauty blogger appears to be fully embracing her similarities to Kim, showing them off in her viral posts.

Sonia Ali is not the only one cashing in on her resemblance to Kim Kardashian. As The Inquisitr noted, Instagram model Anastasiya Kvitko has earned the nickname “Russian Kim Kardashian” for her similarities to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, though more so for her curvy physique that seems to match Kim’s.

Anastasiya regularly gets viral interest for her photos, with many celebrity news outlets featuring them. Like Sonia Ali, Anastasiya seems to embrace her similarities to Kim and frequently copies the reality television star’s looks to gain more viral attention.

Those who want to see more from Kim Kardashian doppelgänger Sonia Ali can check out her Instagram page.