Disgruntled Woman Sues Tights Company For Failing To Provide Her With An Orgasmic Experience

A lady from New York is taking a tights manufacturing company to court because their product failed to deliver the orgasmic experience she felt she was promised in their sexually suggestive commercial.

Meng Wang from Queens was left reeling with disappointment after purchasing a pair of Kushyfoot shaping tights for $7 at Duane Reade.

According to the New York Post, "Meng thought a new pair of stockings that promised an orgasmic experience would rock her world — but they left her as frustrated as a selfish lover."

In the sexually suggestive commercial for the pantyhose, a woman is filmed sashaying around seemingly caught in the grip of some strange passion. In the background a singer can be heard crooning "I'm super satisfied, super satisfied," and between moans, the excited woman can be heard cooing provocative phrases such as "That's the spot!" and "Oooh yes!"

The commercial ends after a group of curious women surround the softly moaning lady in their eagerness to know her saucy secret. The contented lass simply pulls a package of the stockings from her purse and says "Kushyfoot," much to the obvious excitement of the gathered assembled.

Yet for Meng, Kushyfoot didn't tick the promised boxes or push the right buttons, and she has filed a class action lawsuit in Brooklyn Monday against the Canadian based company Gildan Outerwear.

The suit documents in no uncertain terms exactly why Meng is seeking "redress for deceptive and otherwise improper business practices."

"The softly moaning woman is literally show-stopping, causing male and female passersby alike to stop in their tracks to look at her with their mouths agape. Towards the end of the commercial, the woman opens her eyes to find herself surrounded by a group of excited women fascinated with knowing her secret to feeling orgasmic on city streets. She eagerly tells them, 'Oh, it's Kushyfoot' and distributes their products from her shopping bags to each of the women,' who then appear to be in the throes of excitement themselves thanks to the product."

The product's description on the Kushyfoot website claims the shaping tights include a "massaging sole for extra comfort" and a "firm shaper that tames your tummy, hips and thighs."

Wang's lawyer, C.K. Lee, explained that his client's main bone of contention is that she received no personal satisfaction after putting on her own pair of Kushyfoot tights.

"The ad was supposed to indicate that she's getting a massage through her pantyhose. Unfortunately, the hosiery turned out to be just socks."

The suit also states that Wang relied on the company's "tension relief and massage claims," but Wang said the product did not improve her bodily comfort.

To date there, are more than 100 plaintiffs in the Kushyfoot case, and they claim they've spent more than $5 million on its products.