ROH News: Angelina Love Recounts Real-Life Stalker Experience

Kieran Fisher

Being in the public eye has its perks and advantages, but the celebrity lifestyle also has a dark side. For former Impact Wrestling knockout and current Ring of Honor competitor Angelina Love, she's attracted fans who've invaded her personal space, which resulted in some pretty terrifying experiences.

As quoted by 411Mania, Love recently spoke to ROH Wrestling about her experience with a stalker, revealing that he flew from London to Las Vegas to watch her fitness competitions, found the hotel she was staying at, bought her gifts, followed her around the city, and even looked her up on social media.

"He recorded me on stage in my bikini. Bought me diamond earrings and left them at the front desk of my hotel. Got on my Facebook page and started asking me about family members in my photos (my page is now private). Waited by a slot machine by the front doors of the hotel at 4 a.m. when I was leaving to almost knock me over with hugs before I flew home. There were more encounters with him but that was definitely one of the worst."

For Love, she's looking to put those experiences behind her to focus on her wrestling career. This weekend, she'll challenge Women of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein at the Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view. Along with her The Allure trio -- which also includes Velvet Sky and Mandy Leon -- Love has been making Klein's life hell for months, and now they'll finally meet one-on-one with no outside forces influencing the outcome.

During her interview, Love revealed that winning the title would mean the world to her. She believes that winning a championship in ROH will solidify her as one of the best women wrestlers ever, which she believes that she is.

Prior to joining ROH earlier this year, Love was one of the biggest female stars in Impact Wrestling. As part of The Beautiful People with Sky, she was one of the most dominant heels in the division and enjoyed plenty of success with the company.