Rupert Grint Of ‘Harry Potter’ Featured In ‘Into the White’ Clip

Rupert Grint from the Harry Potter films is featured in this clip from Into the White.

Into the White is a film apparently based in World War II, as shown in the following clip from the film set to be released in theaters April 12, 2013. Petter Naess directs this drama about British and German pilots who are shot down and forced to share the same cabin to survive in the Norwegian wilderness.

No surprises here that Rupert Grint plays one of the British pilots, seeing as the Harry Potter series was chock full of British actors.

The clip starts out inside the cabin as Rupert Grint walks in through the door and checks around. Seeing his target of temporary amusement, he calls out, “Hey, Joseph…”

A man bent over something on the other side of the cabin, Joseph, stands up and looks over at Rupert Grint. Grint pulls a book out of his coat, “I have to say, chapter two was a little rough on my [censored].” He smiles with mischief as he throws the book to Joseph, who catches it with one hand.

Rupert Grint’s British cabin-mate mutters, “Bloody idiot, you’ve done it now!”

Joseph immediately checks the book and sees the supposed chapter mucked up. He looks up at Rupert Grint and the two lock eyes as Grint steps forward. Joseph turns and grabs a gun from behind him, “I’ll kill you.”

Another one of the German cabin-mates steps in and tells Rupert Grint to stand back, as Joseph attempts to train his pistol on him. Joseph shakes the pistol, “Get out of the way!”

Another German steps right in front of the pistol, “Joseph! Give me the gun.”

Joseph repeats his words, “Out of the way. Out of the way!”

The second German steps in front again, “Put down your weapon.”

Joseph threatens Rupert Grint again, “You’re dead!”

Rupert Grint’s British friend says, “I strongly suggest you apologize.” Grint’s reply is, “Apologize for what?”

One of the Germans tells Joseph, “You’re losing your mind. Give me the gun.”

Joseph shouts at him, “He insulted the Feuhrer!”

What did you think of Harry Potter‘s Rupert Grint in the clip from Into the White?