Spring Breaker Pees On Cop’s Lunch

Pees on Cop's Lunch

Fort Myers, FL – An out-of-control spring breaker reportedly peed on a cop’s bag lunch after getting arrested for causing trouble.

Authorities said 18-year-old Chris Brennan started thrashing around the back seat of a cop car after police arrested him for breaking bottles on Pink Shell Resort’s property. After threatening officers with urination, the spring breaker proceeded to pee on the arresting officer’s lunch.

A Lee County Sheriff’s Office report explained that Brennan was one of three spring breakers engaging in the destructive behavior at the Florida resort. Although the 18-year-old was placed in the car by officers, the other two were simply interviewed.

At some point during the incident, Brennan began thrashing around in the back seat of the patrol car. It was then that he issued the following threat.

“I will p*** in your car,” the unruly spring breaker said.

True to his word, the teenager then began urinating inside the car. The spring breaker managed to pee on several items during the incident, including the arresting officer’s lunch. A cell phone and a bottle of water were also soaked.

For his actions, Chris Brennan was arrested and taken to Lee County Jail. The spring breaker was charged with resisting an officer without violence.

As strange as this may sound, this isn’t the first time an out-of-control suspect has urinated in the back seat of a police car. Last year, Dylan DiFalco told police that he had to pee prior to being arrested.

Instead of waiting until he arrived at the station, the suspect reportedly peed all over the back seat of the patrol car. The man’s response: “I told you I had to go, you stupid cop.”

Dazed and Confused star Jason London allegedly defecated inside a cop car earlier this year when he was arrested for participating in a bar fight.

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