Kylie Rae Harris Crash Coverage Has Social Media Furious & Wishing Maria Cruz Was The Focus

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As The Inquisitr reported a few days ago, 30-year-old country singer Kylie Rae Harris passed away this week after getting in a car accident while on her way to a scheduled performance at a music festival.

While nothing has been confirmed, investigators are looking into whether alcohol and speeding may have been factors.

According to NBC News, it has been confirmed by the Taos County Sheriff’s Office that the country singer was the cause of the accident after her Chevrolet Equinox slammed into the back of a Chevrolet Avalanche before veering into oncoming traffic and crashing head-on into a Jeep.

The 16-year-old driver of the Jeep, Maria Cruz, was also pronounced dead at the scene.

Any time a celebrity makes media headlines, it is extremely common for individuals to flock to their most recent posts on social media to converse about the news. This is especially true when a celebrity passes away.

It was just three days ago that Kylie shared a snapshot of herself rocking a huge smile as she gushed about her hair.

The photo has accumulated just shy of 4,000 comments with most coming in over the last few days after news of her death broke.

Unsurprisingly, many of the top comments were declaring their love for Harris, as they told her to “fly high” and “rest in peace.”

The comments section, however, was also flooded with angry Instagram users who were furious that the country singer was getting more attention than the 16-year-old who also passed away.

“Everyone is on here praising her and I don’t see anyone pointing out that she purposely got into a vehicle while intoxicated and killed and innocent 16 year old at 100mph. She gets no sympathy from me. The innocent child she killed does. Before anyone tries to say we don’t know who the drunk one was, the 16 year olds family has commented explaining what the police told them,” one individual penned in an angry comment just yesterday that has since been liked nearly 500 times.

Individuals responding to the comment quickly feuded, as some agreed with the Instagram user, while others felt sharing these details on the late singer’s Instagram post was disrespectful.

On Twitter, many users have spent the last 48 hours responding to social media coverage of the late singer’s passing with anger and fury.

Some even went as far to suggest that Kylie wouldn’t be getting any attention for her passing if she wasn’t a celebrity.

Many fans of the singer have been quick to clap back at the criticism, as Kylie did have a history of drinking, but had openly given it up and was working on her sobriety. Her fans noted that many are just assuming the singer was drunk despite it not being confirmed.

“She’s been open about her sobriety and something she’s extremely proud of,” one of her fans insisted in the comments of her final Instagram post.

According to investigators, it could take as long as a year for the toxicology report to confirm or deny alcohol being a factor.