WWE News: ‘NXT’ Rookie Claims Fellow Superstars Don’t Like Him, Calls Them ‘Garbage’


Matt Riddle is arguably the most unfiltered employee in WWE. The former UFC fighter has a tendency to run his mouth on social media, and he’s not afraid to let some of his fellow superstars know how he really feels.

This has unsurprisingly made him a polarizing figure. According to Riddle, though, his colleagues don’t like him. As documented by 411Mania, the NXT star shared a video on Twitter suggesting that he didn’t get along with any of them.

In the video, he calls out the superstars who didn’t give him a ride, and he didn’t hold back with the name calling, either.

“This message is for all the pieces of trash, hags, and whatever other word you want to call them that couldn’t give me a ride today because their cars were too full with so much talent. I hate you all. You’re garbage. Bye.”

Tommaso Ciampa responded to the video by telling Riddle to “go f*ck” himself. In return, Riddle poked fun at the former NXT Champion for using a slur, saying that the heat “must be real.”

While it’s not uncommon for wrestlers — especially Ciampa — to engage in some lighthearted trash-talking on Twitter, Riddle’s recent antics have resulted in him attracting some vocal critics within the industry.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, Riddle had a tense backstage exchange with Bill Goldberg back in August. This came after months of Riddle criticizing the Hall of Famer, where he mocked him for his poor showing against The Undertaker earlier this year and called him one of the worst wrestlers of all time.

Last month, The Inquisitr also documented his spat with Chris Jericho after the All Elite Wrestling World Champion offered him some veteran advice. Riddle took to Twitter to call out Lance Storm and Booker-T for criticizing him, which prompted Jericho to tell him to listen and learn from the veterans. Riddle then threatened to beat him up.

While Riddle’s behavior on social media doesn’t appear to be damaging his NXT push, he isn’t making a lot of friends. Perhaps he’s orchestrating storylines and embracing the kayfabe element of the business, which is a rarity in this day and age.

One thing is for certain, though: he’s making the headlines. There are many wrestling fans and social media users who find his antics entertaining, and his profile has risen as a result. There have been rumors that WWE support him calling out legendary superstars, so in the long run, this might all lead to some interesting matches.