Kylie Rae Harris Dies In Car Accident, Country Singer’s Last Instagram Stories Leave Fans Rattled

Kylie Rae HarrisInstagram

Up-and-coming country singer Kylie Rae Harris died Wednesday evening in a car accident in New Mexico. The 30-year-old was on her way to perform at a music festival. The Instagram Stories she posted shortly before the accident are leaving her fans somewhat rattled.

Billboard details that Harris was involved in a three-vehicle car accident Wednesday night in northern New Mexico. Apparently, a 16-year-old female driver from one of the other vehicles also died and the third driver involved escaped injury.

The Sheriff’s Office says that they believe alcohol may have been a factor, but no details regarding which driver was believed to have been drinking has been shared as of yet. Taos News details that deputies were dispatched to the scene of the accident around 9 p.m. Wednesday night.

Harris shared a handful of short video clips to her Instagram Stories during the day on Wednesday before the crash. At one point, she shared that she was quite low on gas and still some distance from a gas station, but she was able to get gas and keep going without issue.

Later, Harris opened up about how she was headed to Taos for a music festival that was one she loved quite a bit. She explained that she had spent 20 years traveling to the area with family, as she had extended family who lived there.

The singer noted that she spent a lot of time in Taos with her dad, sister, uncle, and grandparents, but said that her uncle was the only one who was still alive. She said reflecting on all of this made her want to cry and that she got quite sad as she drove through the mountains and thought back to these memories with her family.

Harris also noted that she had been driving for almost 12 hours at this point, and she seemingly shared the videos only an hour or two before the accident happened.

Harris was slated to perform at the Big Barn Dance festival in Taos Thursday evening and she had additional performances scheduled beyond that. Now her fans, friends, and family are mourning her sudden and heartbreaking death.

Harris’ publicist confirmed that she died in the accident, although official reports on the crash have not revealed anybody’s names yet. People shares that Harris is survived by a 6-year-old daughter. The singer had released two albums, including a self-titled album last March.

Fans are taking to Harris’ previous social media posts to share their heartbreak over the news of her death. The official investigation is currently in the early stages and those who loved the country singer will be anxious to learn more about what happened in the days ahead.