Denise Richards Says Charlie Sheen Is Hiding $450,000 In Owed Child Support

Denise Richards attends the closing ceremony of the 59th Monte Carlo TV Festival on June 18, 2019 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Denise Richards says that her ex-husband Charlie Sheen is seriously behind on child support payments, and he’s possibly hiding the cash to avoid having to fork it over. According to The Blast, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star filed documents in court to force him to pay nearly half a million dollars in back payments to support their daughters Lola and Sam.

According to the court documents, Sheen “has squandered over $24,000,000 from the sale in his interest in Two and a Half Men to pay his personal debts and to support his extravagant lifestyle at the expense of support payments for his children.”

“During the time frame since our last stipulation/order in 2016 he has failed to pay $450,000 in support while diverting over $600,000 in assets to adult family members and converting thousands of dollars into cash for his own personal use,” the papers further claim.

In 2016, the couple purportedly agreed to lower Sheen’s child support, which was originally reportedly around $55,000, to around $25,000. Still, after Sheen raked in around $24 million for his interest in Two and a Half Men, she claims he hasn’t been handing over his payments, and it has put her in a bad financial position.

She says she has $56,000 a month in expenses, including $17,000 for rent, $13,00 a month for child care, and $3,000 for groceries as well as credit card expenses and payments to a stable that kept her horses. Her daughter Eloise requires special care and that also requires a chunk of money. She says she only earns about $25,000 a month, which means she isn’t making ends meet.

The two will meet in court to address their financial situation in November. The two married in 2002, had two children, and separated in 2005. However, they reportedly have stayed close and have worked to raise their children together.

Sheen has been in the news lately for celebrating nearly two years sober.


According to People, the actor appeared on Jay Leno’s Garage to talk about his sobriety. He says that a year and a half ago he realized that he needed to make a change in his life, and he says he hasn’t touched alcohol since.

“And, you know, it didn’t require some crazy rehab stint or a shootout with the cops,” he said.

He says that he is now focused on his kids and his health to help him stay clean after having an epiphany about some dangerous situations that he has been in previously.