Kelly Ripa Reveals Her Biggest Worry About Daughter Lola Consuelos Attending NYU

Like every parent, Kelly Ripa is worried about sending her daughter off to college.

As fans know, the talk show host helped her middle child, Lola Consuelos, move into her dorm at New York University where she will be attending college this fall. Over the past few weeks, the mother of three has been sharing emotional posts about letting her daughter leave the nest, and she's also been talking about it a great deal in interviews and on her hit show. Earlier today, Ripa chatted with co-star Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, where she talked about Lola embarking on a new journey.

While it's nice to have Lola in the same city as her famous family, Ripa's main concern is that she's actually a little too close to home, and her biggest fear is that Lola won't gain any independence, something that people do when they move away from home to attend school.

"College is where you start establishing yourself as an independent person -- when you send your kid away to college, if your kid stays sort of local … if she feels homesick, I have to say to her, 'You can't come home. You have to work it out.'"
"I did the same thing with my son. 'You're gonna have to figure out how to be an adult.' My main concern was I don't know if you should be this close to home because I don't want you using home like it's your home. I want you to have an experience," the talk show host continued.Kelly then went on to explain to Ryan that she really tried to get Lola to attend school somewhere on the West Coast, like in San Diego. She also did the same with her eldest son, Michael Consuelos. But unfortunately, they didn't take the bait and venture out west, opting to stay close to home instead. According to Kelly, she's always wanted to do Thanksgiving out in California and having one of her kids in school out there would be the perfect excuse to go.During the wide-ranging interview, Kelly also chatted about what Lola's biggest challenge may be when she goes away to college and it's something that most women can probably relate to. In her eyes, Kelly thinks that Lola will have the most trouble adjusting to the bathroom situation at school and sharing one single bathroom with five other girls. While Kelly notes that New York City kids are used to dealing with small spaces, she does think that Lola will have a hard time adjusting to that.

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