Donald Trump ‘Obviously In Mental Decline,’ Will Quit 2020 Race Like Lyndon Johnson, Says Anthony Scaramucci

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A former top aide to Donald Trump who has, over the past few months, become one of Trump’s most outspoken conservative critics, warned on Tuesday morning that Trump has entered a stage of “full-blown meltdown” that will result in Trump’s shocking withdrawal from the 2020 presidential race. Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, 55, compared Trump to President Lyndon Johnson, who in March of 1968 suddenly announced that he we would not seek reelection as president, as recounts.

“It’s not clear to me that he’s going to make it,” Scaramucci told a CNN interviewer Tuesday morning, as quoted by Scaramucci went on to predict that Trump will drop out of the race, “like Lyndon Johnson, before he gets there.”

Scaramucci cited Trump’s strange statements over the weekend, as Hurricane Dorian moved toward possible landfall on the United States’ east coast, including a statement in which, as The Inquisitr reported, Trump claimed that he had never heard of a Category 5 hurricane — though Dorian would be the fourth since Trump’s own inauguration less than three years ago.

Trump also incorrectly claimed that the hurricane would hit the state of Alabama “hard,” as The Inquisitr also noted.

But when the error was pointed out by media reports, Trump refused to acknowledge that he had misspoken, claiming on his Twitter account that “it was in fact correct that Alabama could have received some ‘hurt.'”

Anthony Scaramucci makes victory signs.
Former Donald Trump aide, now a top Trump critic, Anthony Scaramucci.Featured image credit: Ben GabbeGetty Images

“The guy is obviously in mental decline,” Scaramucci told the CNN New Day program on Tuesday, as quoted by MediaIte.

As the hurricane continued to move toward the United States, Trump tweeted about a wide variety of seemingly irrelevant topics, including attacks on television actress Deborah Messing, the “LameStream Media,” and “The Amazon Washington Post.” The weekend Trump tweetstorm was evidence of a “full-blown meltdown” that will continue to alienate even his most loyal voters, Scaramucci said in the CNN interview.

“If it was my dad or a family member, and you were showing clips like that, there’s a little bit of sadness to the whole thing,” Scaramucci said in the interview, also criticizing Trump loyalists and close aides who have chosen “to cover this up rather than clean it up,” as quote by The Hill.

As Trump’s “mental decline” progresses, he will “continue to disassemble, to amp up the bullying and the nastiness,” Scaramucci said, leading to further drops in Trump’s popularity which is already at historic lows — with his approval rating hitting its lowest point since May, as The Inquisitr reported.