Bradley Cooper: ‘Ryan Gosling Is Sexy As Hell’

Bradley Cooper Ryan Gosling

Bradley Cooper has revealed that he thinks Ryan Gosling is “sexy as hell,” after he watched him star in The Place Beyond The Pines.

Cooper and Gosling star alongside each other in the upcoming crime thriller, which also features Gosling’s current girlfriend, Eva Mendes.

Bradley was “honored” to have worked with Gosling but revealed he wasn’t happy that he had to try and kill Ryan’s character. Cooper believes that fans of the Drive actor won’t be able to forgive him for attempting to do so.

Cooper stated, “Who would ever want to be in a movie where you’re the guy that kills Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling looks sexy as hell in this movie, too. He’s all muscled out, tattooed up, a super-cool outlaw bank robber who gets to hold a baby for most of the movies.”

Cooper then added, “And me – my character, this cop who lies and rats on his buddies, is supposed to turn up 45 minutes into the movie and kill Ryan Gosling?”

The Oscar-nominated actor, who lost out on the Academy Award to Lincoln’s Daniel Day-Lewis at the ceremony last month, concluded, “I love Ryan. Honor to work with him. He’s one of our greatest actors. Nice guy, too.”


Talking to the GQ magazine, Cooper revealed, in a spoiler heavy interview, that he wasn’t sure if he should take the role of Avery Cross, explaining, “I had reservations about killing that character. But then I thought this is a prime example of the type of role I should preach to myself that I should take. I mean, do I really walk the walk?”

The Place Beyond the Pines is directed by Derek Cianfrance, who Gosling worked with on 2010’s Blue Valentine, and tells the story of a motorcycle stunt rider who contemplates committing a crime so that he can provide for his newborn child. This then brings him to the attention of Cooper’s police officer.

The Place Beyond The Pines will be released on March 29.