September 1, 2019
Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Lose 2 More Staffers, Who Left After 2 Months

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been suffering PR disaster after PR disaster this summer. From criticism about the secrecy surrounding baby Archie to cries of hypocrisy after eco-warriors Harry and Meghan traveled via multiple private jets, the two have been dealing with an onslaught of bad press. Unfortunately, it seems not to end, as the couple has just lost two directors of their new charity foundation, per Daily Mail.

According to the Mail, official records show head of communications Sara Latham and director Natalie Campbell resigned on August 22. Their departures mean that the two spent less than 55 days in their posts at the charitable foundation recently set up by Harry and Meghan, called Sussex Royal.

Sara Latham had come to the Sussex Squad after working as a senior advisor to Hillary Clinton. She also worked for the late Tessa Jowell, the Labour Culture Secretary.

Meanwhile, Natalie Campbell had previously worked for Kate and William's foundation. After news broke that Campbell would be jumping ship to the Sussexes, Harry and Meghan were accused of "poaching" the founding partner of A Very Good Company. Campbell worked at Sussex Royal as the "director of insight and innovation."

A royal source claims that the two are still both employed by the Sussexes, despite leaving their posts. However, this is unverified, and neither Buckingham Palace nor the two women have made any comments on the matter.

The news comes as Harry and Meghan have suffered a number of staff losses over the past few months. First was Meghan's personal assistant, Melissa Touabti, who quit after only half a year after it was rumored that the Suits actress brought her to tears. Meghan's bodyguard also quit after just six months on the job.

Harry and Meghan have also lost two assistant private secretaries in recent weeks: Amy Pickerell and Heather Wong. The two had come from the Foreign Office in an effort to create a more global outlook for their charity, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

This is on top of the resignation of Samantha Cohen, who had worked for the royals for 17 years, Harry's private secretary, Ed Lane Fox, and the couple's first nanny for baby Archie, whom was reported to be "unprofessional."

"'It's unusual for long-standing, loyal members of the Royal Family's inner circle to be dropping like flies," said a royal source about the couple.

"If behavioural issue[s] are to blame, hopefully these latest departures will have the Duke and Duchess both reassessing their priorities."