Liam Neeson To Star In New Seth MacFarlane Western

Liam Neeson is set to star in Seth MacFarlane’s, A Million Ways To Die, the follow-up film to last year’s raucous, Ted.

The Hollywood Reporter have stated that the Taken star is currently in talks to join MacFarlane in the comedy western, which will also feature Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried.

MacFarlane, who co-wrote the script with Alex Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, both of whom he has worked with on Ted and Family Guy, will direct and produce the film too. The current schedule will see the film go into production in May.

A Million Ways To Die revolves around MacFarlane’s cowardly sheep farmer, who after chickening out of gunfight, is left by his girlfriend, played by Seyfried, who seeks solace in the arms of another man.

A mysterious woman, Theron, then comes into town and looks to assist MacFarlane’s character, by helping him to find some courage. However, when Theron’s outlaw husband arrives and is intent on revenge, the farmer must use his newfound skills to win her heart. It is believed that Neeson would be playing Theron’s husband.

MacFarlane, who controversially hosted the Oscars last month, is also planning on making a sequel to Ted, revealing that everyone involved in the original wants to be involved too.

Talking in January, the comedian stated, “There’s nothing official yet. Everybody involved would like to do it, but it has not been officially signed off on yet. But it’s very promising.”

This came after Mark Wahlberg revealed MacFarlane has some “sick ideas” for the film, and Universal Pictures CEO, Steve Burke, proclaimed, “We’d like to see a Ted 2 as soon as we can.”

MacFarlane has even announced his intention to make a Family Guy movie, saying that it’s “just a matter of when,” it will arrive on screen, rather than if.

Are excited for MacFarlane’s western? Would you like to see Ted 2?