August 31, 2019
WWE Rumors: Company Reportedly Making Huge Announcement Next Week

Things are heating up in WWE as NXT gets ready to go to war with All Elite Wrestling on Wednesday Nights, while SmackDown Live prepares to move to Fox this October. According to the latest rumors, however, those aren't the only developments coming up in the near future.

As quoted by Ringside News, the Wrestling Observer Live's Bryan Alvarez claimed that the company is expected to make a huge announcement next week, though he didn't state what the big news will be.

"I know that the people that know feel like it's a very big story so we'll have to wait. It's very similar to the NXT to USA story in the sense that, I heard about the news in the morning and I expected the news to be out by the end of the day and it wasn't so we waited until the news broke. Something absolutely happened and we're gonna know about it soon enough and that's literally all I can tell you about it. But people there do believe that it's a big story."
The comparison to NXT moving to the USA Network is particularly interesting. Perhaps the news has something to do with NXT UK, which is currently exclusive to the network. With All Elite Wrestling's weekly show expected to air on ITV in the United Kingdom, it's possible that WWE wants to counteract it by moving their British iteration of the black-and-gold brand to a rival local network.

Earlier this year, WrestleTalk also reported that WWE officials were in Japan to discuss the possibility of setting up a Japanese version of the brand. Given that Japan is a huge wrestling hotbed, WWE might be set to finally launch their planned expansion into the Far Eastern territory now that they have a rival promotion -- that's been recruiting Japanese talent -- to contend with.

There's also the possibility that the news relates to WWE canceling shows as opposed to introducing more. As documented by SE SCOOPS, there's been talk that the company wants to cancel 205 Live. Despite boasting some of the best in-ring action in the company, the Cruiserweight show has failed to generate much interest among casual WWE viewers.

What this huge news is remains to be seen, but if the reports are true, we'll find out all about it over the coming days. The wrestling landscape is changing right now, so whatever it is will probably signify a huge development of WWE's future plans.