Kim Kardashian Reveals Four Kids Is All She Can Handle On Instagram

Kim Kardashian West revealed to fans during an Instagram Story that she is likely done having children with husband Kanye West, claiming that four children are all she can handle right now.

The reality star and social media personality revealed during a question and answer session on the social media network that she isn't looking to expand her brood, which curently includes daughters North and Chicago and sons Saint and Psalm.

"I LOVE my babies so much but 4 is all I can handle with how busy I am, and each one of my babies needs so much attention," Kim explained to fans.

Her children, which range in age from three months old to six years old, are all at different stages of their lives. Kim is likely feeling the pressure as a mother to ensure they all get the attention they need at these stages of their social and emotional development.

In a series of sweet photos the reality star uploaded to Instagram, she showed off her brood during a family vacation to the Bahamas, stating that getting a proper group photo with all four children on the beach was nearly impossible.

In the photo, Kim matches her daughters' silver bathing suits while the boys wear matching swim trunks.

Kim also previously shared some solo shots with Chicago, who was seen wearing a sweet white summer dress and her hair in pigtails. Another post showed North holding baby Psalm and hilariously giving Saint some serious side-eye.In a post dated August 29, the reality star also teased her husband Kanye West's latest project.Kim posted a photo of what appeared to be the titles of the latest album Kanye has been working on. She also shared a release date of September 27 for the highly-anticipated tracks. Also included in the picture appeared to be notes and a bible open to Psalm 57.
Psalm 57 is described by as a bible reading where David began with prayer and complaint and ended with joy and praise after he killed the giant Goliath and fled King Saul for safety in a cave, where he sang the praises of his savior as he hid.

Some of the song titles for the new album include "Glade," "Garden," "Selah," "God Is," "Baptized," "Sierra Canyon," "Hands On," "Wake the Dead," "Water," "Through the Valley," "Sunday," and "Sweet Jesus."

Kim Kardashian West currently stars with her family in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which airs on E!.