WWE News: Absent ‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar Provides Update On WWE Future


The Lio Rush saga appears to have no end in sight. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the Monday Night Raw superstar was sent home a few months ago amid reported backstage heat and a contract dispute with the company. Since then, the WWE Universe has been wondering if he’ll ever return to in-ring action, but we might have some time to wait before that happens.

As quoted by Wrestling Inc., the former 205 Live superstar appeared on an episode of the Cheap Heat podcast, where he discussed his current position in the company and revealed that there are no plans to feature him on television any time soon.

“Right now, I’m still with the company. I am home and enjoying time with the kids and my wife as well as working on projects that I have always wanted to work on now that I have the time to actually do that. Everybody is not always on TV. You always have your certain spots, certain characters and what is hot now and what is going to be hot later; right now is not my time.”

The last time Rush appeared on WWE television, he was Bobby Lashley’s manager and occasional tag team partner. With Lashley currently out of action due to an injury, however, there probably isn’t a spot for Rush on the main roster at the moment.

At the same time, chances are WWE officials aren’t in a hurry to bring the young superstar back to the company. As noted by The Inquisitr, there’s a perception among his colleagues that the 24-year-old is cocky, arrogant and difficult to work with. While Rush claims that his passion is often mistaken for arrogance, he has still rubbed some WWE officials and fellow superstars the wrong way.

Another complaint pertaining to Rush is his alleged lack of respect for locker room protocol. As documented by Cageside Seats, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry said that the rookie wasn’t pulling his weight backstage as he didn’t carry bags and tidy up the locker room. These practices have been the custom for all newcomers who are still paying their dues for decades.

Rush has been keeping busy during his absence at least. Earlier this year, he released a rap track called “Scenic Lullaby,” which is much better than the majority of songs by wrestlers who have tried to launch careers in music in the past. While it’ll be great to see him return to wrestling, he appears to have exciting options elsewhere.