‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Reality Steve Spills Tea On Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Kristina Schulman Drama

Tuesday night on Bachelor in Paradise, viewers watched as Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman both battled for Connor Saeli’s attention. Kristina made a comment about how Caelynn always goes after her guys, and these two have traded pointed barbs frequently throughout this season. Now, spoiler king Reality Steve is spilling some jaw-dropping tea that explains the intensity of this situation.

Simply based on what Bachelor in Paradise viewers have seen onscreen, it’s not difficult to see why Caelynn and Kristina aren’t best friends. Kristina previously dated both Blake Horstmann and Dean Unglert, and now Caelynn has shown an interest in both of them.

There was a lot of drama shown early this season related to Blake, Kristina, and Caelynn all attending the Stagecoach Music Festival last spring. Now, both ladies were hoping to spend time with Connor once he showed up in Mexico.

Apparently, there is something else that happened at Stagecoach that ties Kristina and Caelynn together, and it’s juicy. Reality Steve broke down the basics in a Twitter thread and he says that this came up during the reunion taping.

Bachelor in Paradise fans already know that Blake hooked up with Kristina one night at Stagecoach and Caelynn the next. To defend himself, he recently released text messages he exchanged with Caelynn that night. Those messages seemed to show that she initiated the hookup, and all of this has caused a lot of drama throughout Season 6.


Now, Reality Steve says that Caelynn spent a fair amount of time at Stagecoach hanging out with YouTube star Mark Dohner. It seems that Caelynn, Mark, and others were hanging out before she connected with Blake, and there are some photos of them together on her Instagram account.

Kristina apparently said during the reunion taping on Tuesday that multiple people saw Mark and Caelynn making out. It seems that neither woman says Mark’s name specifically, but Reality Steve says it’s the popular YouTube personality whom they’re referencing.


Of course, normally it wouldn’t necessarily be any of Kristina’s business whom Caelynn was hanging out with or even making out with at Stagecoach. However, it seems that Kristina and Mark went to Stagecoach together. Caelynn is said to have started hooking up with Mark after he got there with Kristina but before she hooked up with Blake.

Fans will have to wait until Tuesday, September 10 to see how all of this drama is edited into the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show that airs. It certainly does help explain the shade that Caelynn and Kristina have shown toward one another.


As The Inquisitr shared earlier, fans were not especially impressed by Caelynn pursuing Connor just a day after Dean dumped her. Viewers will see more involving Caelynn, Connor, Kristina, and Dean next week, and now Reality Steve reveals that the two ladies don’t exactly smooth things over with one another before they head home.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that there is a lot more set to go down before Season 6 wraps. Now, fans can look forward to some intense confrontations during the reunion show involving Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

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