Marie Osmond Shares Rare Photo Of Her 6 Grandkids Ahead Of Her Debut As Permanent Co-Host On ‘The Talk’

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Marie Osmond is soaking up some family time before her life gets even busier than it already is. The 59-year-old singer posted a rare photo of all of her grandchildren to Instagram this week, with a reminder that choosing happiness is what keeps her going.

In the adorable pic, the “Paper Roses” singer is surrounded by all six of her grandkids, according to Closer Weekly. The Donny & Marie star poses with her son Stephen’s three children — Stephen Jr., Christian, and Maxwell — her daughter Brianna’s baby, Maude Bailey-Moon, and her daughter Rachel’s two sweeties, Rocket Jade and her newborn son, who arrived in July.

Osmond often talks about her supersized family—she came from a family of 11 and raised eight kids of her own—but it is rare to see her littlest family members together in one photo.

In the caption to her sweet snap, the entertainment veteran challenged her followers to “choose” being happy for a month. While her life looks picture-perfect, Osmond said it is not. In fact, the singer says she chooses not to worry about being perfect. The star instead of stressing perfection, she would rather have a messy house so she can share “lots of happy memories” with her grandkids.

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Photos can look perfect, but did you know that everything isn’t perfect? ???? In fact everything is “perfectly imperfect!” We make perfect by our choices. So when I ran across this saying this week, I wanted to share it with you. ???? “Be happy, not because everything is good, but because you can see the good side of everything.” See the verb in front of the word “happy?” That little verb says it all… ”BE.” That’s our action, our thing... to just do it and choose to be happy. If it rains on your wedding day, be happy; if dinner doesn’t turn out, be happy, even if you don’t want to be happy… just choose to do it because you can make happy your default emotion. ???????? Sound too easy? Remember, it doesn’t take skill to see the good side of everything, it just takes practice! ???? We live in a fallen world, where so much of the news is negative and then there’s social media... which seems to be filled with amazing trips, clean and tidy homes and well behaved toddlers—a harsh contrast to our lived in lives. Food presentation is beautiful, and no one goes to Home Depot dirty only to run into your boss from work. So with all that going on around you—if you find it’s a personal struggle to see the good side of things—it’s totally understandable. It takes practice to confront those negative thoughts and “choose” to look for the good side, but staying with it can make it become a positive habit. My Mom always said “Marie if you want to create a habit, or break a habit, you can do it in 30 days. Just be consistent for a month!” Our Heavenly Father does not walk around heaven sad and morose, He is filled with light and when we think of Him we will have that light also. ???? God is love and His light produces joy and happiness which will not leave room for any negative thoughts. Choose HAPPY and don’t let anyone or anything take it away from you!! Let me know how it goes... in a month! ???? Right now, I choose to not stress perfection, have a messy house and share lots of happy memories with my grandkids ????????

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The new family photo comes just two weeks before Osmond is set to make her debut as a permanent co-host on CBS’s The Talk. The Vegas veteran has appeared on the Emmy-winning chatfest as a guest or a fill-in co-host more than 50 times over the past decade, TV Insider notes. It’s no surprise that she was at the top of the list to fill the seat vacated by founding host Sara Gilbert. Osmond told TV Insider she didn’t hesitate to accept the role on The Talk despite her busy concert schedule.

Osmond previously starred in the syndicated chatfest Donny & Marie (1998–2000) with her famous brother as well as the Hallmark Channel talk show Marie, which aired from 2012-13.

While she makes her debut on The Talk Season 10 premiere in less than two weeks, Osmond will finish out her nighttime gig as she wraps up her 11-year Donny & Marie residency at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

“I’ll be flying back [and forth to Los Angeles], doing The Talk in the morning and [Vegas] shows at night,” Osmond said. “I’m going to be nuts!”

You can check out a promo for Marie Osmond’s debut on The Talk below.

The Talk Season 10 premieres Monday, September 9 on CBS.