‘Big Brother 21’ Houseguest Tells Off Production On Live Feeds

There is a major difference between watching the broadcast episodes of Big Brother and watching the live feeds. The two couldn’t be more different and what might be most interesting is hearing production come over the house’s loudspeakers when they tell houseguests to stop doing something. Occasionally, they will ask the roommates to stop singing, or quoting movies. And then there are times when houseguests are asked to stop discussing their diary room (DR) sessions with other players in the house.

That’s exactly what happened with Holly Allen on Sunday afternoon. It looks like the houseguests were called to the diary room to discuss the zings they received from Zingbot yesterday. Jessica Milagros was allegedly called a “snoozefest” by Zingbot, according to Cheat Sheet, and Holly was discussing it in her DR session.

After leaving the DR, Holly chatted with Christie Murphy about a joke she made using the phrase “snoozefest.” Holly suggested production told her that her joke was too nice. Then Big Brother came over the loudspeakers according to @BB_Updates.

“You are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests,” the voice over the loudspeaker said.

This is when Holly decided to clap back at production, and fans are already applauding her for it.

“Then stop f***ing telling me what to say. If you would let me say what I want to say in there, I wouldn’t b**** about it out here,” she yelled.

That’s a major blow to the producers of the show since Holly is suggesting they are being told what to say in the DR and aren’t necessarily always saying things from the heart. Fans began thanking Holly on Twitter for standing up to production and she has skyrocketed to become one of the favorite players in the house.

This isn’t the first time a houseguest revealed production was coercing them this season. Kemi Fakunle was in the boat room with Sam Smith, Bella Wang, and Nick Maccarone earlier this season when she admitted someone named Christine told her to wave her finger and hands around more in the diary room, and also suggested she speak a different way.

Kemi refused to do so and wasn’t going to alter her voice or act any kind of way because someone was telling her to. That producer was allegedly reprimanded and was given unconscious bias training.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS.

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