Emeril Lagasse Responds To Tommy Lee’s Complaint About His New Orleans Restaurant

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Tommy Lee had a customer complaint about Emeril Lagasse’s New Orleans restaurant, but the celebrity chef didn’t seem to take it seriously.

After The Motley Crue drummer reached out to Lagasse to complain that he got kicked out of his restaurant, Delmonico, the former Essence of Emeril host responded with a joke.

Lee took to Twitter earlier this week to complain about Lagasse’s iconic eatery after stopping in with his wife, Brittany Furlan. The 56-year-old rocker claimed he was “aggressively asked to leave” the restaurant because he expressed annoyance at having to remove his hat. Lee claimed he removed his hat but was still harassed by the Delmonico staff and was asked to leave after he muttered the F-word over the incident.

In response, Lagasse compared the attention his restaurant’s dress code was getting to the social media frenzy surrounding fast food chain Popeye’s new chicken sandwich, according to USA Today. Lee did not appear to respond to Lagasse’s mention, but plenty of foodies agreed that F-bombs and hats are a no-no in fancy restaurants.

“Hats always off in restaurants and F-bombs are never acceptable in restaurants,” one commenter tweeted.

“Love you @MrTommyLand but F-bombs don’t fly around my family when we’re enjoying a meal at @Emeril restaurants. Clean up the language when you are around my kids,” another fan tweeted.

You can see Emeril Lagasse’s tweet to Tommy Lee below.

Lee and Furlan told TMZ that a hostess asked Lee to remove his hat because it was a baseball-style cap. A frustrated Lee reportedly did not curse directly at the employee but said the F-word to himself as he took off his hat. Furlan, who was wearing a different style hat, was told she could keep her headwear on.

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Soon after, the celeb couple was asked to leave the restaurant.

“This guy comes up to our table – we have no problem, the hat’s off, everything’s cool – and is like, ‘Excuse me, I heard you use profanity,'” Furlan told TMZ.

Lee said that the couple was told they were going to have to leave. Furlan added that the two would have left anyway because they didn’t want to be in some “stuffy-a** place where they’re like ‘Take your hat off.'”

Located on the famed St. Charles Avenue, Emeril’s Delmonico restaurant offers a modern take on Louisiana’s classic Creole cuisine and is a popular hotspot. But Tommy Lee’s review of the place has nothing to do with the food.