Billy Miller's Time At 'General Hospital' Is Over, Fans React To Drew Cain Exit

After a fair amount of speculation and uncertainty, it would appear that Billy Miller's time as Drew Cain on General Hospital is over. Earlier in the week, Drew decided to fly to Afghanistan to return the money he had recovered from Shiloh's theft years ago. It wasn't known whether that was the very end of Miller's time on the show or not, but now it appears that those were Billy's final scenes.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Miller's final General Hospital scenes were the ones that aired on Wednesday, August 21. As viewers saw, Franco, who currently has Drew's memories, and Drew discussed options for returning that money. Drew said goodbye and stepped into the elevator. It seemed to have the vibe of being a final scene, but fans were left confused.

As The Inquisitr shared after Wednesday's scenes aired, General Hospital co-star Kin Shriner (Scott) tweeted out a good luck message to Billy. Miller isn't on Twitter, and it seems that detail may have added to some of the fan confusion regarding this exit.

For example, one person replied to Kin's tweet and said it was nice to see someone wishing Billy well besides his good friend and co-star Kelly Monaco. Not long ago, The Inquisitr shared that Kelly tweeted a message that seemed to suggest that Billy's departure wasn't by choice.

Apparently, this tweet about other cast members ignoring Billy's departure prompted William deVry (Julian) to share some additional information. He said via his Twitter page that everybody did wish Miller luck in private. In addition, he pointed out that a lot of the cast goodbyes happened behind-the-scenes since the departing General Hospital star isn't on Twitter.

DeVry added that he was under the impression that Miller had headed straight to another gig after wrapping up his final scenes for General Hospital. Miller's IMDb page notes that he will be playing a character named Alex Dunn on the upcoming television series Truth Be Told. That is currently in post-production for Apple TV+ and Billy's dedicated fans surely will be anxious to check it out.

At this point, it doesn't appear that executive producer Frank Valentini has referenced Billy's exit at all via his Twitter page, nor has there been a mention of this on the show's regular Twitter page.
"I'm amazed at what a letdown #BillyMiller's departure was. There has to be more to the story behind-the-scenes, because that was a brutal disappointment."
If Billy's last scenes did air earlier this week as has been reported, it would appear that the door is being left open for something more to transpire down the road. Plenty of rumors have swirled regarding whether the character would be killed off or recast. So far, those in power at General Hospital have not revealed anything definitive.

It certainly looks like Drew Cain will be talked about among those still in Port Charles, as was the case during Friday's show. Given that, there may be more closure still on the way in a sense regarding the character's fate. However, it would seem that General Hospital fans have seen the last of Billy Miller in the role.