Meghan Markle’s Instagram Post Holds A Sweet Message

Meghan Markle’s latest Instagram post holds a sweet message for followers of her official social media account with Prince Harry.

The Duchess of Sussex applauded the work of Luminary Bakery, a sustainable and grassroots organization employing women as bakers and workers. Markle posted a message in which she revealed just how impressed she has been by the organization that is lifting up women who come from what she called “harrowing” circumstances to give them a new life purpose through their work.

People magazine reported that the bakery’s aim is to empower women who have been the victims of violence, sex trafficking and homelessness — as well as those who have been imprisoned — by teaching them how to bake. These skills are added to other teachable life lessons including food hygiene, money management and computer literacy.

The business’ sweet treats show inspirational messages such as those depicted in the photo uploaded by the duchess. These messages include “you are beautiful,” “you are strong,” “you are worthy” and other hopeful words delivered atop the adorable confections.

Fans of the duchess found joy in her post and the work she is doing for the royal family, particularly when it comes to championing women’s causes. In the post’s comments section, many followers noted that they were inspired by Markle’s work while telling her to ignore anyone who might be judgemental regarding the different viewpoint she brings to the British Royal Family.

Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, have come under fire this past year. The pair have been called out for their insistence to live their life in the public eye on their own terms rather than to rely on the tried-and-true methods the royal family has used for many years.

Luminary Bakery reportedly also made Markle the birthday cake she enjoyed honoring her 38th year on the planet. People Magazine reported that the delicious treat Markle enjoyed earlier this month was a carrot cake with orange peels and pumpkin seeds placed on top. A message which read “Happy Birthday Meghan,” was written in chocolate icing.

The social enterprise bakery, which was founded in 2014 by Alice Williams, Sarah Harrison and Abigail Mifsud, has been pleasantly surprised by the duchess’ support of their work.

“It’s been amazing!” Williams said in a statement to People regarding their work for the royal.

“We are extremely grateful to the Duchess for all she is doing to champion Luminary. For many women here, traumatic life experiences have caused them to lose sight of their value. So for her to take the time to get to know us and use her platform to shine a light on our work has meant so much to our community.”

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