$7K Found At Airport Gets Returned To Owner

envelope filled with money

An enveloped filled with $7000 was found at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport this week.

According to WPXI, the $7k was found at the airport by Pamela North Hollowaay.

Hollowaay, a part time employee at the airport, said that she found the money next to the curb outside of the Park & Ride deck at the International Terminal. Hollowaay said that she showed the money to the shuttle driver and then brought the envelope inside to turn it into police.

Hollowaay said:

“I showed the money to the [shuttle] driver then I went right inside and turned it in right away… I could’ve kept the money but I didn’t do that. I’m an honest citizen. I’m a taxpayer and I believe in doing the right thing… Hopefully if that ever happened to me, someone would turn my money back in too.”

WSB Atlanta reports that Holloway hasn’t received any reward for turning the money in, but she can feel good knowing that the money did make it back to the owner. The Atlanta Police Department said that they were contacted by a man about the envelope shortly after it was turned in. The man was able to describe envelope by telling police what was written on the back.

Shae Rozzi, a reporter from Channel 2 in Georgia, said that the owner of the envelope is a podiatrist from Alabama. The man was on his way to Costa Rica when he dropped the money.

Here’s a video report from Channel 2 News.

Pamela North Hollowaay isn’t the only good Samaritan to make the news this year. On Valentine’s Day, a couple out for a romantic dinner in San Francisco found $11000 by the Golden Gate Bridge and successfully returned the money to its owner.

If you found a bag of money on the street, would you return it? Would you expect a reward?