Michael Jackson Reportedly Had A Secret Will, Former Manager Claims

Pop star Michael Jackson reportedly had a secret will that was never executed, his former spokesperson, Raymone Bain, claimed.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Bain said Jackson made a will in October 2006, which he “painstakingly outlined how he wanted his legacy to be preserved and maintained,” The Express reported.

She said that she was present with Jackson, was aware of his wishes, and witnessed the will along with a notary.

“I knew where his head was and in what direction he wanted to go,” she said.

She also said that she did not know where the will was. However, she seemed confident that the will would be discovered.

“Michael Jackson, for anyone who knew him, was methodical, thorough and he was precise,” the publicist said.

“I have wished, I have hoped and I have prayed that Michael Jackson’s will dated 6 October, 2006 would be found, revealed, discovered, dropped from the sky.”

Despite the fact that the will has been missing for over a decade, Bain seemed confident that the will would one day be discovered.

She also slammed Jackson’s estate for not “preserving or protecting” his legacy and announced the establishment of the Michael Jackson Legacy Foundation to honor the pop star.

“That man has been a victim since his death, a victim over and over again and it’s time for it to stop,” she said.

Bain went on to clarify the reason behind the creation of the foundation. She explained that in the years since Jackson’s death in 2009, she had not known of any scholarships, endowments, or contributions made in the singer’s name.

She also spoke out about Leaving Neverland, an HBO documentary that looked into allegations made by two men who claimed that Jackson abused them. She said the movie was “biased” and “one-sided,” adding that she was “appalled” that it had been nominated for five Emmy awards.

Bain became Jackson’s business manager in 2006 after working as his spokesperson. She worked for him for a total of eight years.

As far as Jackson’s will, The New York Times reported that the only known will of Jackson was dated in 2002, and it left his entire estate to a family trust. It also names his mother, Katherine Jackson, as the legal guardian of his three children as well as the beneficiary of the trust. The document also stated that if his mother became incapacitated or died, Diana Ross would become the guardian of his children.

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