‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers & Schedule Breakdown: Reality Steve Shares The Latest Scoop For Season 6

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise has been a wild one, and the season is almost halfway over already. Spoilers tease that there is a lot of action still ahead, and now gossip king Reality Steve is doing his best to break down how the remaining episodes will be split up.

Monday night, viewers were left with a couple of new ladies arriving, but others are still on the way. Tuesday night, Reality Steve notes that viewers will see Jen Saviano arrive, as well as Demi Burnett’s gal from home, Kristian Haggerty.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve detail that Jen will take Chris Bukowski on a date, while Kristian will interrupt Demi and Derek Peth’s romance. Derek will shift his attention to Tayshia Adams, which will soon cause chaos as John Paul Jones is falling for her, too.

Next Monday, viewers will apparently also see Haley Ferguson and Tahzjuan Hawkins arrive with date cards. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from the previews have indicated that JPJ will go on a date with Emily and things will get pretty intense. However, fans of seeing JPJ and Tayshia together shouldn’t get too worried about things falling apart between these two quite yet.

The third rose ceremony will seemingly come late during next Monday’s show or early in Tuesday’s episode. As Reality Steve details, the last two episodes should be airing on September 9 and 10, and that includes a reunion show. That means there is a lot of chaos to pack into the episodes airing on September 2 and 3.

“So knowing that they still have two more rose ceremonies after that to get through, the entrance of around 7 new people, then ‘decision day’ for the last couples, overnight dates, then proposal day, that’s a lot to squeeze in.”

So far, it isn’t known exactly where the episodes airing that first week of September will end each night. However, as Reality Steve noted, many of the arrivals that have yet to play out don’t end up having all that significant an impact on the existing Season 6 storylines. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that there is drama related to Tahzjuan and Haley coming up, but the Blake-centered chaos is essentially over.

There are said to be several engagements and perhaps another couple of ongoing relationships that come out of Season 6. Everybody will be anxious to see the second half of this season play out and get updates on the reunion show in a few weeks.

Will any of these Bachelor in Paradise couples end up married? Fans cannot wait to see how everything shakes out, and spoilers tease that there are some fabulous developments on the way.

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