‘Bachelor’ Alum Nick Viall Slams Blake Horstmann For Releasing Private Texts From Caelynn Miller-Keyes

This season of Bachelor in Paradise has proven to be dramatic, confusing, and increasingly entertaining with every episode. The sheer amount of love triangles, betrayals, and sudden twists is unlike any season before. The focal point in the drama has been Blake Horstmann, who is perhaps one of the most controversial contestants this season. Early on, it was revealed that Horstmann slept with fellow contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes prior to going on the show. In addition, he also slept with Kristina Schulman, who is also on the show this season. Surprisingly, he hasn’t bothered to try to get to know either of these women since arriving in paradise, but instead, his focus has been upon pursuing a relationship with Hannah Godwin, according to People.

From the moment that Miller-Keyes arrived in paradise, she made it perfectly clear that she wasn’t happy with Horstmann and played to call him out for his promiscuous ways. She revealed to some of the other women that she found out that Schulman and Horstmann had slept together the night prior to her hookup with him. She also claimed that Horstmann had texted her before paradise and told her to keep quiet about their night together so that they could both enter paradise with their options open. Miller-Keyes said she felt disrespected by the way Horstmann had handled things, saying that he’d treated her like a dirty secret. She eventually had it out with him in an explosive argument that ended in tears.

After Miller-Keyes exposed Horstmann, he was deemed a player by not only many of those in paradise, but fans at home as well. Nevertheless, Horstmann claimed things simply weren’t the way that Miller-Keyes was portraying them. In a last-ditch effort to save his reputation and defend himself, he ended up releasing the private text messages that he’d shared with Miller-Keyes on the night of their hookup. The texts told a very different story than the one that Miller-Keyes had told and even proved that she’d been the one who had initiated things between the two of them. Fans quickly turned on Miller-Keyes, calling her out for lying.

Bachelor alum Nick Viall recently slammed Horstmann for releasing these texts during an episode of his podcast The Viall Files. Viall claimed that this act on the part of Horstmann was premeditated and that he’d planned to do it for months beforehand.

“I know that he threatened people about releasing these text messages for months in anticipation of this coming up, which makes it all that more premeditated,” Viall said.

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