August 17, 2019
Counting Crows Singer Adam Duritz Shaves Off His Dreadlocks At Age 55

The lead singer of Counting Crows, Adam Duritz, has finally made the big cut and shaved off his dreadlocks for a new look.

Us Weekly Magazine reports that Duritz announced the change on Instagram along with what he did on his trip to the United Kingdom.

"And…oh yeah, I flew to London and shaved my head! Anarchy In The UK indeed motherf—ers!!!" he posted.

While many fans reacted with shock, others told the singer that he looks so much more handsome without the hair extensions. Someone suggested that he can finally enjoy the cool breeze on his head, and he responded by saying that it had been years since his head felt cold.

"Went for a walk in London this morning. Nearly froze my brain right out of my head. Apparently it's a whole new world out there. Immediately set out for Piccadilly with Z in search of a hatter & bought hats. Jaunty little f–ker now, ain't I? Thanks Lock & Co Hatters."
The Daily Mail reported that Duritz might have shaved his head, but he has kept his signature mustache and goatee. He is even admitting that his dreadlocks weren't his own, but in fact, they were extensions. He says at one point, his dreads were his own, but "They made my hair itch. And man, they smelled."
Even though the dreadlocks had become his signature look, over the years, they started to look more like a wig, and Duritz was ready for a change.

The big change for Duritz is feeding the rumor that Counting Crows might also be in for a change, meaning that the band could be calling it quits. Earlier this month, in their hometown of San Francisco, fans were puzzled when Duritz seemed to say goodbye at the end of a concert, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Thank you, San Francisco! It's good to come home. We've always wanted to play Outside Lands. I don't know when we'll see you again — or if we'll see you again. Thanks for all the years," he told the crowd.

The band has not made an official announcement that they are splitting up, or that there are any changes in their line up, but they seem to be hinting that there are changes ahead.

Entertainment Tonight shared that this is perhaps a sign that the '90s are over, because it seemed like Duritz would never shave his iconic dreads. If the latest photos on Instagram are any indication, then hats might be the singer's new signature look.