August 16, 2019
Indie Promoter Talks CM Punk Allegedly Appearing At His Show Earlier This Year

In addition to wrestling for Ring of Honor, Silas Young owns MKE Wrestling. The independent wrestling promotion where former WWE superstar CM Punk allegedly appeared while donning a mask to interfere in a match back in April.

While it's widely believed that the performer under the mask was Punk, no confirmation has been given as to whether or not that was actually him. Speaking to Wrestling Inc., Young shared his two cents on the matter, but even he's not 100 percent sure who the mystery wrestler was.

"To be honest I never saw Punk in the building. I didn't see Punk without the mask on. But I got told 10 minutes before by my wife that Punk was gonna do a run-in on Derrick St. Holmes and give a Go To Sleep."
Despite not knowing who was under the mask, Young still thinks The Best in the World made a rare appearance in his company that night.He doesn't think his stars would make that up.
"So it happened but he never came in the back and never had the mask off. So I can't say 100 percent that it was him and I don't know why they would lie about it either. I tend to think it was [him]."
Punk has been away from wrestling for several years now, and in that time he has distanced himself from the world of sports entertainment. In recent months, however, there has been speculation that he is set to make his big comeback to in-ring competition.
Last month, The Inquisitr reported that he'd been approached by Cody Rhodes and All Elite Wrestling to join the company. While Rhodes and company have stated that he's not interested in joining, Punk has suggested that he's potentially open to the idea if an official offer is made. That means an offer that is not given via text message.

Punk's set to appear at the AEW-affiliated Starrcast event later this month, which just so happens to coincide with their Chicago-based All Out pay-per-view. Because the show will be hosted in Punk's hometown, fans are hoping he will make an appearance.

One company he won't be returning to, however, is WWE. As The Inquisitr noted, he's reportedly burned every bridge in Vince McMahon's company. Given that both parties were embroiled in an ugly lawsuit until last year, chances are they want to keep a distance from each other at least for the foreseeable future.

Whether or not Punk ever returns to the squared circle remains to be seen, but as long as he's away from the sport, the mystery surrounding his future will remain a topic of discussion.