WWE Rumors: WWE Gives Final Word On CM Punk Returning, Former Champ Cuts Off WWE Friends

It seems as if every single day there is a new rumor or piece of “news” regarding CM Punk returning to the world of professional wrestling. There is a lot of evidence pointing toward the end of his career as an MMA fighter, but is pro wrestling in his future once again? While it has been reported that All Elite Wrestling has sent offers to Punk, it appears as if the final word on a possible WWE return has now been issued.

Many have wondered if Punk would sign with AEW since the money is there and they’d certainly love the star power he brings. The Inquisitr reported last month that Punk stated he received an offer from AEW, but it didn’t come in a very professional manner as they delivered it via text.

Punk is scheduled to appear at Starrcast III later this month, but they still insist they’re not directly affiliated with AEW.

While those rumors continue to swirl, many fans keep wondering about the speculation that Punk could return to WWE one day. It seems as if it would make sense for both sides, but there always appears to be that one small bit of doubt that anything would actually happen.

Tom Colohue reported on his Twitter account that the idea of Punk ever going back to WWE simply isn’t likely.

It’s an interesting thought, but not because WWE has no interest in signing him. If WWE had wanted to sign CM Punk for a return, they would have done it a long time ago and come to an agreement with the former World Champion.

The interesting thing is that WWE wouldn’t even be necessarily opposed to AEW signing him, although it would be huge for the new promotion. Even if WWE would want to stop AEW from trying to land him, the distance between the two partners is growing ever wider.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Ringside News, CM Punk is distancing himself from those he was once close to in WWE. As a matter of fact, and this doesn’t spell good news for AEW either, Punk is distancing himself from everyone in the wrestling business.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise since Punk and Colt Cabana are no longer close, and they used to be very good friends.

WWE is looking to lock in many of their own superstars and bring in any other big names for lengthy contracts to keep them away from AEW. All Elite Wrestling is continuing to grow, and they’re doing it without big names or well-known stars. CM Punk could really have a lot of leverage if he wanted to return to pro wrestling, but the longer it goes on, the smaller his window of opportunity gets.

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