WWE News: CM Punk Has Received An Offer From All Elite Wrestling

Despite the fact that he’s been out of professional wrestling for five years, fans still talk about the CM Punk comeback that may never even happen. The Inquisitr reported that Punk is heading to Starrcast III for a meet-and-greet and interview, but he says it is for nothing more. Apparently, that hasn’t stopped All Elite Wrestling from making an offer to the former WWE Champion. The thing here, though, is wondering if he will actually accept it.

There have been times in the past that it seemed as if Punk would return to WWE or join All In last year or even sign with AEW. He has yet to officially get back into the world of professional wrestling, but he’s not ruling out that it will ever happen.

CM Punk recently sat down with ESPN to discuss his upcoming appearance at Starrcast III in August, and he acknowledges that it and AEW go hand-in-hand. While it is true that they’re closely related, Punk insists he has nothing to do with the company, but that isn’t stopping them from trying.

The former WWE Champion and current UFC fighter said that he was asked to do Starrcast — it is in his hometown of Chicago, and that was all he needed. He’s looking forward to having a good time, but does his future include professional wrestling?

Punk told ESPN that he has no relationship with AEW as of this time, but he does text some of his friends in the company. Despite the fact that the promotion teases his appearance and arrival at times, he has not signed any kind of deal with them.

ESPN asked if there was anything imminent between him and AEW, but Punk said there isn’t, and the last thing he got from them was a text from Cody Rhodes. He then said that “texting offers isn’t really a way to do good business, at least.”

When specifically asked if AEW sent him an offer via text, Punk explained.

“It was texted through three people and an offer came in through text. This is like a month ago, maybe.”

CM Punk went on to say that it was “just a general offer” and not one for the All Out pay-per-view. He said there was no way he could have done Double or Nothing in May as he was in California for CFFC.

As things currently stand, CM Punk is still under contract to UFC, but he doesn’t know if he’ll ever have another fight for them. He doubts that he’ll be involved in pro wrestling in any way by the end of 2020, but “anything is possible.” One day, he may make a big return to WWE, or he could end up signing with All Elite Wrestling, but fans can do nothing but wait and see.

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