‘This Is Us’ Fans Call Out Series Star For ‘Spoiler Alert’ On Instagram

Fans of This Is Us are crying foul after one of the stars of the series posted a photo to Instagram teasing the show’s new season, and viewers are calling them out for sharing a “spoiler alert.”

Chrissy Metz uploaded a photo from the publication Entertainment Weekly which shows the actress in character as Kate Pearson alongside television husband Toby (Chris Sullivan) and their baby son Jack, who was born during Season 3 of the series. The show’s official Instagram, which follows the actress, also commented on the photo, stating, “This family.”

The adorable photo, which shows the couple happily sharing in the glow of parenthood, caused several fans to call out the actress for ruining their viewing experience.

The comments began on the social media site when one fan cried, “Spoiler, why are you posting this?”

This was followed by a statement from another Instagram user who complained about fans taking issue with the photo promoting the upcoming season.

“HELLO this is not a spoiler, the finale showed a teenage Jack, so obviously he made it through. If you can’t catch up on shows, don’t follow accounts that can share spoilers.”

Another fan stated, “I don’t understand the people saying she’s spoiling by posting this picture. Y’all don’t need to be following the cast or shouldn’t be on social media for that matter if you haven’t caught up.”

It appears that Chrissy did nothing other than promote a photo spread that would otherwise be available for readers of Entertainment Weekly.

Fans who follow the show would have already seen teasers and posts from the cast of the series throughout Season 3 as well as the titular photos shared of actress Mandy Moore as an older Rebecca on social media, giving viewers a flash-forward of the show’s upcoming storylines.

Most of Chrissy’s Instagram followers were thrilled to see that after arriving under perilous circumstances, baby Jack appeared to be thriving. The couple, who suffered a devastating earlier miscarriage, were happily enjoying their lives as parents.

Several key plot points for the upcoming season will include a necessary throwback for viewers to assist them in putting the pieces together of the Pearson clan, taking the steps needed to flesh out the characters as the show moves into its final three seasons. The series will air its final episode at the close of Season 6.

“Fans are going to like the way some things go, they’re going to have questions and not like the way other things go,” series creator Dan Fogelman told People Magazine.

This Is Us will return to NBC Tuesday, September 24 on NBC.

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