WWE Rumors: Superstar To Receive Questionable New Name

Chad Gable and Bobby Roode make their way to the ring

Since being promoted from NXT and getting split from his former American Alpha tag team partner Jason Jordan, Chad Gable has struggled to find any momentum on the main roster. Despite enjoying Tag Team Championship success with Bobby Roode earlier this year, the duo never really took off and were subsequently split.

Since parting ways with Roode, Gable has floated around in WWE creative limbo. A few weeks ago, he was sent to the Cruiserweight-centric show 205 Live to boost the roster. Back in July, he had an excellent match with Jack Gallagher, but due to 205 Live‘s status as a B-show, the former Olympic wrestler’s efforts have gone largely unnoticed.

WWE appears to have plans for Gable on SmackDown Live going forward, but they might not do much to boost his career. Citing PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson, WrestleTalk wrote that Vince McMahon is planning to give him a ridiculous new name.

“The future of Chad Gable might be obscured a bit. There was a promo that they released after SmackDown with Shelton Benjamin talking about King of the Ring and Chad Gable was standing next to him. He said, ‘hey Shelton what’s up?’ Shelton looked at him and said, ‘Shorty!’ and walked away.”

Gable has been the butt of several height jokes in WWE. In addition to Benjamin’s comment, Elias has also made condescending remarks about his size. If the new rumor is true, it appears as if his entire gimmick will revolve around it.

WWE’s history with height storylines is far from exemplary. They’re usually created to demean certain superstars, though there have been exceptions where they’ve bolstered wrestlers of a smaller stature by portraying them as successful underdogs.

Johnson doesn’t see the potential name change as good for Gable’s career, however, and given WWE’s track record in recent times for puerile humor, he’s concerned that a talented wrestler will become a comedy act.

“If Chad Gable is going to be ‘Shorty G,’ if that’s where they’re going with it — I don’t sense a bunch of upward mobility in his future with his character.”

Gable became popular in NXT as a result of his wrestling ability and entertaining charisma. He’s also one of the most legitimate wrestlers in the company, having competed at a world-renowned sporting event for the United States wrestling team.

Should he be saddled with this gimmick, but receives opportunities to wrestle and win matches, he might finally receive a push as a singles star.