WWE Rumors: WWE’s Plans Revealed For Bray Wyatt’s ‘The Fiend’ And His Next Confirmed Appearance

For months and months, Bray Wyatt’s “Firefly Funhouse” segments aired on WWE television, but fans wanted him back in the ring. Aside from a couple of sneak attacks here and there, he hadn’t wrestled a match in nearly a year. Finally, he returned to action at SummerSlam and destroyed Finn Balor. Now, what’s next for “The Fiend”? His next appearance has now been confirmed, but WWE has other plans for this unique character and gimmick.

Many wondered where WWE was going with this new gimmick for Wyatt as the “Firefly Funhouse” was quickly gaining popularity. Upon getting back into the ring, though, it was something entirely different and something truly unique that WWE had been lacking for a long time.

Ringside News is reporting that Vince McMahon is looking at the character of “The Fiend” as being something very high on the ladder. As a matter of fact, Wyatt was compared to The Undertaker on commentary at SummerSlam all due to Vince, as he sees them in a similar light.

This is likely the reason that Wyatt was not on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live this week after SummerSlam. WWE is wanting to make him a “popular attraction” that only comes around at certain times and isn’t seen for all occasions.

While Wyatt will likely be seen more often than The Undertaker, “The Fiend” won’t be on every weekly TV show. Ringside News is reporting that Wyatt is advertised for next week’s Raw in St. Paul and for the August 26 episode in New Orleans as well.

These two appearances will likely be used to create a new program for Wyatt and have a match set up for him at Clash of Champions on September 15. Of course, that pay-per-view is always one that includes only championship matches, and that means Wyatt would need to enter a feud with a current champion.

There are plenty of options out there as AJ Styles has the U.S. Championship, Seth Rollins has the WWE Universal Title, and so on.

Bray Wyatt delivers a big hit to Finn Balor.

Not much is known right now as to who Bray Wyatt will feud with next, but something should be set up on Monday Night Raw next week. Whichever superstar it ends up being, they certainly better be ready for some creepy happenings and strange promos.

“The Fiend” is a very unique character that may honestly be exactly what WWE has been missing for quite some time. Vince McMahon seeing the gimmick as almost on the same level as The Undertaker is a huge compliment and one that could go far if worked properly.