Metal Gear Losing Solid Snake Voice Actor David Hayter, Rumors Swirl

Metal Gear voice actor David Hayter may not play Solid Snake

What if Metal Gear mainstay David Hayter stopped voicing Solid Snake?

Metal Gear is a videogame series known for its military conspiracy overtones. At least once it even said the President of the US was a clone of the villain. Rumors have been flying, though, that Solid Snake may be losing his voice.

No, it’s not due to smoking. According to Game Informer, David Hayter posted a tweet a few days ago asking:

“Informal Poll: How would you react if I didn’t play [Solid] Snake in the next Metal Gear?”

The question spawned a flood of speculation on whether or not David Hayter may be playing the role any more. Longtime fans are either outraged or saddened by the idea that the flagship voice of Solid Snake could be changing.

One such question is whether or not Hideo Kojima may be on the lookout for a new voice actor to play Solid Snake in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

Either way, Metal Gear fans are having a strong reaction. That’s just not a question anyone thought would arise. It’s like recasting Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in the next X-Men. A lot of people are going to notice, and a good amount of them will not be pleased. And when you’re talking about video gamers, you’re mentioning one of the pickiest groups of people on the planet. Getting one detail wrong can upset the entire fan base.

If the recasting of Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter does happen, I can easily ask, “Why not someone who’s already proven he can do it?”

My pick for a replacement voice actor, if David Hayter gets replaced, would be Adam Bartholomay, who voiced Solid Snake in “Metal Gear Solid: The Abridged Snakes” on YouTube. Check out Adam’s work on his channel LordQuadros.

So what do you think about Metal Gear voice actor David Hayter no longer playing Solid Snake?