‘Big Brother’ Fans React To Field Trip Flop As ‘Hated’ Houseguests Remain In House

A viewer vote could mean nothing if the Veto is used on a 'hated' player.

Jackson Michie, Christie Murphy of Big Brother 21
Monty Brinton / CBS

A viewer vote could mean nothing if the Veto is used on a 'hated' player.

Big Brother 21 threw another twist in the mix, but was this the worst flop yet? For weeks, Big Brother host Julie Chen touted a “field trip” twist which viewers assumed would send three houseguests on the road. In reality, they never even left the backyard.

Chen told voters that the winner of the special field tip comp would get safety for the week and the loser would be put on the block as the third nominee. What fans didn’t know was that the second-place finisher would land in a chicken suit for a week and that the “loser” of the competition would still be able to get off the block with the Power of Veto.

When the America’s Field Trip participants—Analyse (Sis) Talavera, Christie Murphy, and Jackson Michie — were announced, it appeared that America had revealed which HGs it liked the least. The Field Trip comp also went down before Head of Household Tommy Bracco even had a chance to pick his nominees for eviction, TooFab reports.

Michie was totally self-aware that the trio was chosen because America hates them, while Christie’s soul was crushed over that fact. Analyse was in disbelief as she wondered why America would hate her because she “barely” talks.

Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera on Big Brother.
  Robert Voets / CBS

As for that “Field Trip,” it was a trip to the Big Brother backyard for a twist on a familiar chicken coop competition. The three players had to maneuver eggs through a fenced-in coop then roll them down a board to knock over four letters. After a lot of failed attempts, Michie figured out that scrambling the eggs in their shells allowed them to roll more smoothly. After he won the comp, thus guaranteeing his safety for this week, Michie gave the scrambled eggs tip to Analyse as the other houseguests watched onscreen.

In the end, Christie lost and was deemed a third nominee on her best friend Tommy’s HOH week, with the potential to get off the block with the Power of Veto competition.

It’s no surprise that America had a big reaction to the confusing field trip twist. Some fans took to Twitter to admit they misunderstood what they were voting for.

“I think I totally misunderstood the assignment for the Big Brother Field Trip. So I voted for my favorite…can someone explain??”

Others wrote that they thought the field trip twist would entail the players leaving the house. Other fans were annoyed by the fact that the loser of the comp is still able to get herself off the block this week, thus nullifying the viewer vote.

You can see some of the reaction to the America’s Field Trip twist on Big Brother 21 below.

I don't understand where the "field trip" part comes into play, though.#bb21 #bigbrother

— Media Critic (@critical_media) August 12, 2019

They call it a Field Trip, but it was just another rigged comp. #BB21

— Ryan Pominville (@RyanPomin) August 12, 2019

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