‘Big Brother’ Houseguest Jack Matthews Further Clarifies His ‘Rice Pudding’ Comment

Monty BrintonCBS

Jack Matthews might be one of the most disliked Big Brother players of all time after he was caught multiple times on the live feeds saying completely inappropriate comments. Jack has been accused of racist behavior in the house, mostly for how he interacted with roommate Kemi Fakunle, and also for making a comment about rice pudding when speaking about his Asian-American alliance member, Bella Wang.

When Jack was evicted last Thursday night, he was grilled by host Julie Chen over some of the violent things he had said in the season regarding some of his female cast members and brought up the “rice pudding” comment specifically. Jack told Julie the comment alluded to a prior conversation in the house about the ingredients of slop, and he told the same story to Entertainment Weekly when he caught up with the publication after his eviction

“The reference to what I said was based on comments earlier in the evening that the diet Tommy, Christie, Michie, and Kat were on, which was slop, recipes were being created of all different sorts and pudding was a new dessert that was brought up. A rice style pudding that was actually slop pudding. Looking back at it, with now the mentionings of Bella and the rice-pudding, I never made a connection until I came out of the house. And for that, I am incredibly sorry to Bella if she was offended in any shape or form, as well as anybody that was offended by my statement at the time.”

EW also asked Jack about the comments he made regarding Kemi, including calling her “cancer,” a “b***h,” and saying he wanted to “stomp a mudhole through her chest.” Jack apologized yet again and said he was disappointed in himself for the things he said and how he carried himself in the house. He also reiterated that he and Kemi never saw eye to eye, but he should have gone about expressing his frustrations with her in a different way.

Jack admitted he was looking forward to seeing Kemi in the future and plans to deliver an apology in person, although he feels like it won’t be enough for how he expressed himself in the house. While Kemi might hear him out, she may not be receptive to his apology.

On the night of Jack’s eviction, Kemi tweeted out a very long and exaggerated “bye” on her feed, suggesting she was happy to see her enemy get the boot.

Outside of getting grilled, Jack noted that he thinks Cliff Hogg is playing the best game out of all his former houseguests. He also claimed he was rooting for an underdog, and said he would like to see his friend Jackson Michie pull out the victory, especially since he was at the bottom of the totem pole when Jack was evicted. Jack is also rooting for Tommy Bracco and Cliff to take home the title.

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