NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Could Be Carmelo Anthony’s Last Chance At An NBA Roster

Carmelo Anthony’s NBA career may not be over just yet.

Since his exit from the Houston Rockets, Carmelo has been trying to find a new destination and stave off what would be a forced retirement, and a new report claims that he may have it in Los Angeles. As Hoops Hype reported, the Lakers are among a small number of teams that could have interest in bringing Anthony in for this season, and there appears to be some interest within the Lakers’ core to give him a shot.

The report noted that the Lakers have long been identified as a potential landing spot for Carmelo, largely due to his longstanding relationship with LeBron James. There appear to be others on board with bringing Carmelo to the team, including talented young forward Kyle Kuzma.

As the Los Angeles Times noted, Anthony actually reached out to the Lakers about the idea of playing there next season, and Kuzma seemed excited at the possibility of it.

“Melo is easily better than half the league right now,” Kuzma said. “There’s no question about it. He should be on a team right now. He’s still one of the best players. The slander people throw at him is something I don’t really understand. Maybe that’s just the way today’s society is right now. It would be great to see him in L.A., but I don’t make those decisions. That’s up to Rob [Pelinka] to make those decisions as far as what he thinks is best for the Lakers. He’s done a great job so far putting this team together.”

Anthony has been trying for months to find a new NBA team, so if the Lakers were to sign him it could be his last chance at making — and staying — on an NBA roster.

It’s not clear exactly what role Carmelo Anthony might play with the Los Angeles Lakers. He had previously scoffed at the idea of coming of the bench, but that is the role he would likely play with the Lakers. If Anthony would be willing to embrace being a role player, he would likely be effective in adding a scoring touch to the Lakers’ second unit.

At least one important figure from Carmelo’s past thinks he would be great as a role player. Jim Boeheim, who coached Anthony to an NCAA title in the one year he played at Syracuse University, said on a recent radio appearance that Anthony still has what it takes to be an important contributor on a title-contending team.

Whether that team could be the Los Angeles Lakers remains to be seen.

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