Elton John’s Glasses Get Their Own Hotel Room

Elton John's glasses

Elton John’s glasses always get primo treatment when the legendary musician goes on tour.

MSN reports that John demanded an extra hotel room be provided for his collection of eyeglasses while he’s on tour in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Sir Elton John is currently on a four gig tour of the South American country and reportedly coupled his eye-wear arrangements with other eccentric demands. Particularly, his room is to have a fixed temperature of 16C and be meticulously decorated with white and red roses, reports The Daily Mail.

More diva behavior: John has also apparently demanded four vases containing palm trees in his dressing room and seven other square vases. Five are said to contain 16 red roses and two with 16 white roses.

Despite the strange and outlandish demands, Aluizer Malab, the man responsible for Sir Elton John’s March 9 show at the city’s Mineirao football stadium, said that such requests are no trouble at all for tour organizers.

“In general, he isn’t that eccentric,” Malab said. “They are reasonable requests. He is a very disciplined artist.”

A spokesman for the singer denied the claim and insisted that none of it, including Elton John’s glasses demand, was true.

Sixty-five-year-old Reg Dwight (That’s Elton John’s real name, yay!) is no stranger to oddball requests.

Allegedly, John has previously demanded a dressing room big enough to hold ten people with a wide selection of comfortable seating options and is said to be quite adamant about his requested floral displays, particularly that they contain “absolutely no chrysanthemums, daisies, carnations or lilies.”

Furthermore, Sir Elton John isn’t the only pop star who makes unusual requests.

Robbie Williams reportedly demanded kumquats, a bonsai tree, four ashtrays, clean underwear, and a framed photo of former Blockbusters presenter Bob Holness on the wall for a performance once.

And everyone’s favorite nut Lady Gaga once requested that her 150-member entourage (including her own personal spiritualist, masseuse, tarot reader, 30 stylists, etc) have plenty of “non-smelling and non-sweaty” cheese on ice and that the entire backstage area be bleached prior to her performance.

Madonna has made similar requests in recent years, hiring a sterilization team to “protect her DNA.”

What do you think? Is an extra hotel room too much to ask for Elton John’s glasses?